Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
College of Arts and Humanities

On-Campus B.I.S.

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program provides opportunities for non-traditional college students who are interested in combining a liberal arts background with some degree of specialization. It offers a solid core curriculum along with the freedom to choose from a variety of concentrations. Though the B.I.S. allows for study in several areas, it is organized to provide an academically sound program with carefully planned concentrations. The B.I.S. graduate will have achieved a broad-based education that meets high standards of learning. The program is administered by the CAH Advisement Center.

Occupational Opportunities
  • Political staff member
  • Administrative aide
  • Human resource manager
  • Credit and collections personnel
  • Paralegal (with additional training)
  • Marketing research analyst
  • Urban or regional planner
  • Management
  • Social service administrator
  • Buyer
  • Population or demographic analyst
  • Insurance agent
  • Parole agent
  • Realtro
  • Public administrator
  • Salesperson
  • Account representative
  • News reporter
  • Bank administration officer
  • Magazine editor
  • Customer Relations
  • Television producer
  • Government administrator
  • Consultant
  • Communication skills trainer
  • Public relations specialist
  • Law clerk
  • Entrepreneur
  • Hotel Manager


Possible Employment Settings
  • Federal agencies such as:
    • Smithsonian
    • National archives and records
    • Library of Congress
    • Intelligence services
    • Forestry services
  • National political party headquarters
  • Public interest advocacy groups
  • Political campaigns
  • Public and private schools
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers
  • Politics
  • Government agencies
  • Print and broadcast journalism agencies
  • Health and social services organizations
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Marketing research and consulting firms
  • Major retail firms, including:
    • Drug stores
    • Specialty stores
    • Department stores
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Public utilities
  • Departments of health
  • Research institutes
  • Community welfare organizations
  • Insurance firms
  • Banks and financial institutions

Federal law requires colleges and universities to make certain disclosures to prospective students of these programs.  These disclosures include information on the University’s authority to operate outside of Georgia, complaint processes, adverse actions, and refunds.

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Last updated: 9/26/2019

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