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The Department of History

In the Department of History, we’re building careers for the future on the foundations of the past. Historians are the great contextualizers of society. They excavate and study the past, and they give us the context to better understand our future. That’s why history majors are sought-after candidates for a wide variety of professions.

Our world-class faculty specialize in the exploration of Georgia history, women’s history, maritime and naval history, military history and more. They are dynamic and engaging teachers and nationally and internationally known scholars.

Under their direction, you’ll have the opportunity to take a range of courses to satisfy just about any historical interest. You’ll also get opportunities to work in the field on historical sites with the hands-on experience you’ll need in your career. Our students have recently completed internships with the European Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project, the Ogeechee International History Film Festival, Telfair Museums, The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, The Georgia Historical Society, and many more.




Georgia Southern University Department of History

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