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On-Campus BIS Curriculum

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (124 hours)

Credit Hours
Area A1 & A2Essential Skills9
Area BGlobal Perspectives7
Area CHumanities and Fine Arts6
Area D1 & D2Science, Mathematics, and Technology11
Area ESocial Sciences9
Area FCourses Appropriate to the Major18
Additional Georgia Southern Requirements4
Upper Division [Major] Requirements51-54
Total Credit Hours124

The CORE consists of Area A1 through area E plus 4 Additional Georgia Southern credit hours.

The CORE requirements are listed in the Georgia Southern catalog.

  • Area F classes are lower than 3000 level and are related to the CORE:

    For example: ENGL, SOCI, HIST or FORL 1000-2000 level.

  • Area F classes can be related to the Major as well like:

    A SOCI or PBAD 1000-2000 level for those with a Sociology or Public Administration concentration or minor.

Consult with your Academic Advisors for more details.

Major Requirements

For the major, students may choose one of the following options:

  1. Three Concentrations of 18 hours each from the approved list below
  2. Two Concentrations of 18 hours each from the approved list below and one 15-hour minor from the approved list below

Of the total number of hours for the major, 42 must be at the upper-division level. The remaining hours to meet the required 124 total hours will be electives approved by advisor.

For the list of approved concentrations and minors for the BIS degree:

Approved Concentrations for BIS

Approved Minors for BIS [scroll down to the bottom of the page]

Last updated: 1/11/2021