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Meet: Summer Kurtz

What do you currently do (or plan to do), and how do the skills you acquired and practiced in the Writing & Linguistics courses benefit this plan?

At the moment I’m working as a weekly columnist for TravelPride, an LGBT-focused travel guide, writing articles and creating my own topics. In addition to this, I’m researching grad schools and applying for full time editing positions all over the country. I hope to use my editing/revision skills from my major as a way to excel in the writing field and continue gaining experience as I go.

Why did you decide to major/minor in Writing & Linguistics as opposed to other majors/minors?

I originally majored in English, but quickly realized that my interests lay more in the actual creation side of things instead of the analysis. Once I switched to Writing & Linguistics, I was able to better apply my skills and use some of my knowledge in English Literature to become a writer, not just a reader.

How well did your experiences at Georgia Southern prepare you for graduate school and/or employer demands?

I’d have to say that on the whole, the Writing department has proved to prepare its students well for the post-graduate world. I’m able to communicate my experience to employers in order to get positive responses, and I know how to market myself as not just a writer, but an editor too, to make the best impression I can for the jobs to which I’m applying. I feel prepared and qualified for the career world and it’s thanks to the amazing talent that the Georgia Southern faculty and staff have to offer.

Is there a specific experience you’ve had in the Writing & Linguistics department that you would like to share?

While over a dozen experiences come to mind, the most memorable to me are the department readings every semester. I loved being able to hear my peers and other accomplished writers stand up and proudly share their hard work to an audience whose only goal was support and encouragement. The readings always had a lasting impression on me, and allowed me to grow more comfortable with my own writing.

What advice would you give to students considering a major/minor in Writing & Linguistics?

I honestly can’t recommend this department enough. You’ll never meet a more supportive, close-knit community of both students and professors, and you’ll make lasting friendships and professional relationships. Writing & Linguistics is a haven for creative minds, and I feel honored to have been a part of such an encouraging, thriving department.

Last updated: 7/8/2017