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Meet: Parrish Turner

Turner profile 2

What was the biggest factor in your decision to enroll at Georgia Southern?

I first came to Georgia Southern because I was offered the Ruffin Scholarship. I have since found that Georgia Southern offers a wide range of opportunities that I would not have had access to at other schools, such as the opportunity to study abroad, TA for a class, and many more.

Why did you decide to major in Writing & Linguistics as opposed to other majors?

I was unaware of the Writing & Linguistics major until I went to a Majors Fair and started talking to some of the representatives. I knew I wanted to be a writer so it felt like a perfect fit.

Would you say your experiences at Georgia Southern have prepared you for graduate school and employer demands?

I wrote articles for the George-Anne, the school newspaper. I also participated in the Ten Minute Play Festival in the theater department every year, which is a great way to work in different genres and get some real experience. I also attended the Lambda Literary Writers Retreat in the summer of 2014, which was a great chance to meet and network with other writers. In spring 2015, I attended the AWP Convention with a few other writing students.

How do you plan to apply your skills as a writer in your everyday life and how did majoring in Writing & Linguistics at Georgia Southern allow you to develop those skills?

I have loved all of my workshop classes, especially my nonfiction class [WRIT4130]. It really helped show me all of the potential nonfiction had as a genre. I also loved the Writing the LGBTQ Identity class. I was able to learn about the history of LGBTQ media and really get to experiment with my writing.

What professors in particular stood out to you as effective role models and guides to you as a student?

The professors were a really big pull for me with the Writing & Linguistics major. There are so many different personalities with something to teach students. They are always willing to talk during their office hours and give feedback on work, even if it is not for a specific class they are teaching.

Last updated: 7/8/2017