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Meet: Michael Malmberg

Michael MalmburgWhat was the biggest factor in your decision to enroll at Georgia Southern?

I heard that the academics and professors here were much better than those at Armstrong Atlantic State University (the other school I was thinking of attending).

Why did you decide to major in Writing & Linguistics as opposed to other majors?

I enjoy writing and hope to make a career out of it.

Which courses in what area have been particularly valuable to you as a major?

Creative Writing really helped me realize what the different types of writing were in each area and decide which ones I particularly enjoyed.

How do you plan to apply your skills as a writer in your everyday life and how did majoring in Writing & Linguistics at Georgia Southern allow you to develop those skills?

I plan on using my writing skills that I have learned as a Writing & Linguistic major whenever I have to write, which is quite often because writing is such an important part of our society. I also plan on using what I am learning and turning it into a career that I won’t hate and can support myself with.

What advice would you give to students considering a major in Writing & Linguistics?

It has many more applications than you might think and can really give you an advantage in any field if you just look for the connections between it and other areas of education.

Are you a part of any student organizations or clubs within the major? If yes, what have those experiences been like? Do you recommend new students of the major/minor to join such organizations?

I attend Writers’ Guild every week. It’s a great opportunity to meet other writers, get feedback, and see what people like you are up to and learning from the major.

Is there a specific experience you’ve had in the Writing & Linguistics department that you value?

Just being able to hang out in the writer’s lounge and have that sense of community with professors and students. I don’t think that happens in every major. They just don’t seem to facilitate it as much.

How well would you say your experiences at Georgia Southern have prepared you for graduate school and employer demands?

I definitely think that I am learning to think critically about situations and write effectively and clearly. 

Last updated: 7/8/2017