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Meet: Kristin Flippo

Kristin Flippo

What was the biggest factor in your decision to enroll at Georgia Southern?

The biggest factor for me enrolling at Georgia Southern was because of how beautiful the campus was and that the campus had a bird sanctuary.

Why did you decide to major in Writing & Linguistics as opposed to other majors?

I decided to major in Writing & Linguistics because of my love for writing and because of how supportive and amazing the professors were.

Which courses in what area have been particularly valuable to you as a major?

I think some of the most valuable courses I’ve had here has been Technical Writing, Tutoring Writing, Writing studies and my creative writing classes. Because each class really helped me become a better writer and a better critical thinker.

How do you plan to apply your skills as a writer in your everyday life and how did majoring in Writing & Linguistics at Georgia Southern allow you to develop those skills?

I already use a lot of the skills that I’ve learned in my classes by what I write each day, either through emails or through my creative writing projects.

What advice would you give to students considering a major in Writing & Linguistics?

The advice I would give to students considering a major in Writing & Linguistics is to get involved with the department. The department offers so many great activities for students and being able to participate in them is awesome. Also I would tell them to join a writing club, think about how many friends you could meet that love the same thing you do!

Are you a part of any student organizations or clubs within the major? If yes, what have those experiences been like? Do you recommend new students of the major/minor to join such organizations?

Yes, I’m active in a club within the major, I’m actually the President of the Writers’ Guild. I think the best experience the club has given me is the community aspect of a club. It’s awesome to know that all of these people care about the same thing you do and that you can sit around and talk about it and no one will roll their eyes at you. I would highly recommend new students to come to both writing clubs (Writers’ Guild and the Creative Writing club), it is so important to become active in your department and getting involved in a club is an easy way to do and an easy way to make friends!

Is there a specific experience you’ve had in the Writing & Linguistics department that you value?

Honestly, this is so cheesy, but I think I’ve valued all of the experiences that the Writing and Linguistics department has offered. They’ve brought in wonderful teachers and try to make sure their students have a good CV as they leave into the “real world.”

How well would you say your experiences at Georgia Southern have prepared you for graduate school and employer demands?

I think that the Writing & Linguistic department has done a wonderful job preparing me for graduate school and employer demands.

Last updated: 7/8/2017