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Information Technology Second Discipline

Technical Writing

Employers consistently say that the need to communicate effectively is the most important factor in business, yet they also say that most employees have inadequate communication skills, particularly in writing. Further, writing with digital technology and for computers is more crucial than ever. With these needs in mind, the Second Discipline in Technical Writing for Information Technology majors is invaluable for career success. This discipline guides the students from the basics of technical and workplace communication through topics of rhetoric and writing to advanced issues such as technology and creativity.

Required course:

  • WRIT 3220 Foundations in Technical and Professional Writing (3)

Select four courses from the following:
*Chosen in consultation with advisor

  • *WRIT 3030 Selected Topics in Writing (3)
  • WRIT 3230 Writing in the Workplace (3)
  • WRIT 3232 Document Creation for Writers (3)
  • WRIT 3233 Professional Editing (3)
  • WRIT 3234 Research Methods for Writers (3)
  • WRIT 4790 Internship in Writing and Linguistics (1-6)
  • *WRIT 5030 Selected Topics (3)
  • WRIT 5550 Technologies of Writing (3)
  • WRIT 5650 Writing for Publication (3)
  • WRIT 5930 Technical Writing (3)

Prerequisites and Required Courses for this minor.

Last updated: 8/25/2014