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The Dorothy Smith Golden Faculty Fellowship


Dorothy Smith Golden, Georgia Southern University Assistant Professor Emerita

About The Dorothy Smith Golden Faculty Fellowship

Honoring the memory of Dorothy Smith Golden, the Golden Faculty Fellowship annually recognizes a faculty member’s scholarly activity that furthers the mission and goals of the Department of Writing and Linguistics. The Fellowship will provide a minimum of $4000 for a faculty member. The award should be used to allow the faculty member to take time off for research and independent study.

The Dean of College of Arts and Humanities, the Chair of Writing and Linguistics Department, the Director of Center for Excellence in Teaching or nearest equivalent thereof, at least one at-large member to be selected by the Chair of the Writing and Linguistics Department, and a representative from the Georgia Southern University Foundation will select the recipient(s) of the Fellowship annually.


All full-time faculty (limited-term, non-tenure track, tenure-track, and tenured) completing or having completed at least two consecutive years of service in the Department of Writing and Linguistics at the time of their application. Recipients of the award will be ineligible for three years following their selection.


Submit a single PDF containing all application materials to Pat Byrd by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 11, 2022. All submissions must be received electronically. Winners will be notified after decisions are made.


The Awards Committee uses multiple forms of assessment in making its decision. While no one is expected to submit documentation for every item from this list, applicants should refer to these items in selecting materials for the Awards Committee to review. Limit: no more than fifteen pages of documentation. The following categories are not requirements, but suggestions for faculty to consider as they prepare their materials:

From the faculty applicant

1. A one-to-two page statement that explains the research and its significance to the mission and goals of the department
2. Abridged samples of scholarly activity (up to twelve pages)

From peers

Commentary from peers within the field of scholarship (examples can be faculty, book reviewers, publishers, project directors, or other appropriate commentators)

Last updated: 4/19/2022