Department Chair

Name Title Campus Contact Information Teaching & Research Interests
Russell Willerton Professor Statesboro & Armstrong

1118B Newton Building (S)

Gamble Hall 228 (A)


Ph.D., Texas Tech University, 2005

Plain Language, Technical Editing, Ethics in Technical Communication, Document Design


Administrative Assistants

Name Campus Contact Information  Title
Patricia Byrd Statesboro

1118A Newton Building


Senior Administrative Assistant
Cynthia DeVoe Armstrong

Gamble Hall 105


Administrative Assistant
Debbie Lawrence Statesboro

1118 Newton Building


Administrative Assistant



Name Title Campus Contact Information Teaching & Research Interests
Susan Abbott Part-Time Faculty Statesboro

Forest Drive 1130


M.Ed., Georgia Southern College, 1982

First-Year Writing, Professional & Technical Writing, Document Design

Kathy Albertson Associate Professor Statesboro

1102E Newton Building


Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2006

National Writing Project, Literacy Studies, Instructional Development, Professional Development, First-Year Writing

Lori Amy Professor Statesboro

Forest Drive 1201


Ph.D., University of Florida, 1996

Women’s Studies

Kathleen Marie Baldwin Assistant Professor Statesboro

1120D Newton Building


Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2016

Writing Assessment, Multimodality, Rhetoric & Composition, Multiliteracies, Multi/Translingualism, Digital Rhetoric

William Belford Lecturer Armstrong

Gamble Hall 233


Ph.D., Florida State University

Creative Writing, British and American Literature, Composition

Kelly Benhase Limited-Term Faculty Armstrong

Gamble Hall 243


M.Ed., University of Virginia

Rhetoric, Composition Theory, the Bildungsroman

Andrew Berger Lecturer Statesboro

1122E Newton Building



M.A., Eastern Kentucky University, 2011

First-Year Writing, Rhetoric & Composition Pedagogy, Writing Center Pedagogy, Cultural & Gender Studies, Narratology, Counterculture Literature, Kentucky & Appalachian Literature, Short Story Cycles, Pop Culture

Renee Berry Limited-Term Faculty Armstrong

Gamble Hall 143


M.A., Binghamton University

Composition and Rhetoric, Literature, Basic Writing/Reading, Children’s and YA Literature, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Public Speaking, Mark Twain

Monique Bos Lecturer Statesboro

3304B Newton Building


M.A., Pennsylvania State University, 1998

First-Year Writing, Business/ Professional Writing & Editing, Writing & Editing for Web, Contemporary Fiction, Creative Writing

Margaret Brockland-Nease Lecturer Armstrong

Gamble Hall 212


M.A., University of Florida

First Year Composition, Professional & Technical Communications

Melissa Carrion Assistant Professor Statesboro

2225B Newton Building


Ph.D., Purdue University, 2014

Rhetorical Theory, Rhetorics of Science & Medicine, Health Communication, Risk Communication, Gender & Women’s Studies, Qualitative Methods, Science Writing

Christopher Cartright Lecturer Armstrong

Gamble Hall 208


M.F.A., Florida State University, 2012

Composition, Creative Writing, First Year Experience, Gender Studies, Literature, Information Literacy, Global Popular Media, Political Discourse & Ideology

Cameron Rocker Clements Limited-Term Faculty Statesboro

2225A Newton Building


M.A., Georgia Southern University, 2013

First-Year Writing, English Literature, Irish Studies, Adolescent Literature

Anthony Carlton Cooke Limited-Term Faculty Statesboro

2218A Newton Building


Ph.D., Emory University, 2015

First-Year Writing, American Literature, Psychoanalysis, Film & Visual Studies, Critical Theory, Psychiatry & Psychology

Lisa Costello Associate Professor Statesboro

2221D Newton | 2288C-D Carroll

912-478-5561 | 912-478-7879

Ph.D., Louisiana State University & A&M College, 2007

Rhetoric & Composition, Holocaust Memorialization, Gender Studies, Autobiography, Culture & Memory Studies

Janet Dale Limited-Term Faculty Statesboro

3305E Newton Building


M.F.A., Georgia College & State University, 2013

First-Year Writing, Composition Studies, Creative Writing, Flash Fiction, Lyrical & Narrative Nonfiction, Found Poetry, Feature/News Writing, Gender & Women’s Studies, Gothic American Lit, Pop Culture

Bill Dawers Lecturer Armstrong

Gamble Hall 132


M.A., Washington University

Composition, Sophomore Literature, Media Ethics

Julie Douberly Lecturer Statesboro

1119C Newton Building


M.A., Georgia Southern University, 2003

First-Year Writing, Instructional Technology, Fandom Studies

Benjamin Drevlow Lecturer Statesboro

3304A Newton Building


M.F.A., Minnesota State University, 2006

Short Stories & The Novel, First-Year Writing, Digital Literacy, Memoir/Autobiographical Fiction, Southern Gothic Literature, Grit Lit, Satire & Humor

Lisa Dusenberry Assistant Professor Armstrong

Gamble Hall 141


Ph.D., University of Florida, 2013

Technical & Professional Communication Pedagogy, Collaboration, Design Thinking, Coding & Game Design, Digital Tools & Writing Pedagogy, Multimodal Communication, Children’s Digital Culture

Cicelyn English Limited-Term Faculty Armstrong

Gamble Hall 210


M.A., California State University, Dominguez Hills

British Literature, Composition, Culture & Identity in Literature

Katherine Fallon Lecturer Statesboro

2225D Newton Building


M.F.A., Sarah Lawrence College, 2006

First-Year Writing, Creative Writing (Poetry), Pop Culture, Mass Media, Gender Studies, Women’s Studies, LGBTQ Studies

Aaron Fortkamp Part-Time Faculty Liberty Center

Liberty Center 227


Christopher Garland Assistant Professor Statesboro

1120B Newton Building


Ph.D., University of Florida, 2014

Interdisciplinary Writing, Visual Rhetoric, Caribbean Studies, Nonfiction, Postcolonial Literature

David Gehler Limited-Term Faculty Armstrong

Gamble Hall 240


M.F.A, Creative Writing, The University of Florida

Regional literature (South & West, Florida), Contemporary American Poetry, Writing

Timothy Giles Associate Professor Statesboro

1122G Newton Building


Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2004

Technical Communication, Metaphor Studies, Classical Rhetoric, Postmodern Rhetoric, Rhetoric of Science & Technology, Technical Communication Pedagogy

Amanda Hedrick Lecturer Statesboro

2221B Newton Building


M.A., University of Maine, 2009

First-Year Writing, Rhetoric & Composition, Gender & Women’s Studies, LGBTQ Studies, Social Media Composition, Professional Writing, National Writing Project

Ellen Hendrix Assistant Professor Statesboro

2208 Newton Building


Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2009

Literacy Studies, First-Year Writing, National Writing Project, Nature Writing

Sean Hill Assistant Professor Statesboro

2225E Newton Building


M.F.A., University of Houston, 2003

Poetry, Creative Writing, World Literature, African American Literature & African American Studies

Natalie James Lecturer Statesboro

1122B Newton Building


M.A., University of Delaware, 2013

First-Year Writing, Rhetoric & Composition, Identity Studies, Pedagogical Methods with Digital Media, Postcolonial Literature & Theory

Carol Jamison Professor Armstrong

Gamble Hall 238


Ph.D., University of Georgia

Chaucer, Early English Literature, History of the English Language, Advanced Grammar, Arthurian Literature

June Joyner Senior Lecturer Statesboro

1122F Newton Building


M.A., Georgia Southern University, 2002

First-Year Writing, Critical Thinking, Teaching Writing, National Writing Project, Popular Culture, Professional Development in Higher Ed

Drew Keane Lecturer Statesboro

1119D Newton Building


M.A., Georgia Southern University, 2012

First Year Writing, Rhetoric & Composition, Critical Thinking, National Writing Project, English Literature, 18th Century, Biblical Literature, Religious Studies

Marti Lee Lecturer Statesboro

1122A Newton Building


M.A., Georgia Southern University, 2003

First-Year Writing, English Literature, Critical Thinking, Popular Culture, Postcolonial Studies, Nationalist Literature, Medieval Literature, Irish Studies

Danelle LeJune Part-Time Faculty Liberty Center

Gamble Hall 227


Jinrong Li Associate Professor Statesboro

2218C Newton Building


Ph.D., Iowa State University, 2012

TESOL, L2 Writing Instruction and Assessment, Corpus Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Language Testing, and Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

Nan LoBue Senior Lecturer Statesboro

2219C Newton Building


M.A.L.S., Wesleyan University, 1984

First-Year Writing, Sociolinguistics, Composition Pedagogy, Writing Assessment, Grammar, 18th Century English Literature, History of Rhetoric

Brandon Loper Limited-Term Faculty Statesboro

1119D Newton Building


M.A., University of Tennessee, 2003

First-Year Writing, Cultural Studies, Post-War American Literature, Critical Theory

Heather Lowry Part-Time Faculty Armstrong

Gamble Hall 227


M.A., Youngstown State University, 2010

Composition/Rhetoric, First-Year Writing

Connor Mabry Limited-Term Faculty Statesboro

1119A Newton Building


First-Year Writing
Amanda Medlock Limited-Term Faculty Statesboro

2219D Newton Building


First-Year Writing
Annie Mendenhall Associate Professor Armstrong

Gamble Hall 235


Ph.D., Ohio State University

Rhetoric, Writing, Composition Theory and Pedagogy, Archival Research

Marcus Mitchell Lecturer Liberty Center

Liberty Center 117


Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

19th Century British literature, Edwardian Literature, Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication

Brandi Moody Limited-Term Faculty Statesboro

2222B Newton Building


M.A., Georgia Southern University, 2015

First-Year Writing, Writing Center Pedagogy & Practice, Shakespeare & the Renaissance

Tony Morris Professor Armstrong

Gamble Hall 204


Ph.D., Florida State University

Journalism, Creative Writing, Literature

Christy Mroczek Senior Lecturer Armstrong

Gamble Hall 133


M.A., Clemson University

Technical Writing, Publication Design, Writing for Non-profit Organizations

David Muller Limited-Term Faculty Statesboro

2219A Newton Building


Claire Nelson Limited-Term Faculty Statesboro

1119B Newton Building


M.F.A. Florida State University, 2014

First-Year Writing

Sheila Nielsen Lecturer Statesboro

2218E Newton Building


M.A., Georgia Southern University, 2015

First-Year Writing, 20th Century American Literature, Writing Project, Interdisciplinary Studies, Writing Across the Curriculum

Christina Olson Assistant Professor Statesboro

2221C Newton Building


M.F.A., Minnesota State University, 2007

Creative Writing (Poetry & Creative Nonfiction)

Aron Pease Lecturer Statesboro

2222B Newton Building


Ph.D., University of Florida, 2010

First-Year Writing

Michael Pemberton Professor Statesboro

1120C Newton Building


Ph.D., University of California, San Diego, 1989

Writing Centers, Writing Across the Curriculum, Computers & Writing, Writing Program Administration, Writing Theory, Comics Studies

Krista Petrosino Lecturer Statesboro

2222D Newton Building


Ph.D., Bowling Green State University, 2012

Transdisciplinary Collaboration, Collaboration-as-Performance, Intersections of Music and Writing, Composition Pedagogy, 19th Century American Literature

Chelsea Plunkett Limited-Term Faculty Statesboro

2219E Newton Building


M.F.A., Georgia College & State University, 2014

First-Year Writing, Rhetoric & Composition, Creative Writing, Contemporary Fiction & Creative Nonfiction, Appalachian Literature

Daniel Plunkett Limited-Term Faculty Statesboro

2225A Newton Building


M.F.A., Georgia College & State University, 2014

First-Year Writing, Composition Studies, Creative Writing, Southern Gothic Literature, Lyrical Fiction

Kevin Psonak Senior Lecturer Statesboro

2218D Newton Building


Ph.D., University of Texas, 2012

History of the English Language, Linguistics, Medieval English Literature

Deborah Reese Associate Professor Armstrong

Gamble Hall 121


Ph.D., University of Texas, Arlington

Composition, Rhetoric, Literature

Desireé Riley Limited-Term Faculty Statesboro

1119B Newton Building


M.A., Georgia Southern University, 2016

First-Year Writing, English Renaissance Literature, Women’s & Gender Studies, Critical Theory

Nicole Rivas Limited-Term Faculty Armstrong

Gamble Hall 241


M.F.A., University of Alabama

Composition, Rhetoric, Literature, Creative Writing

Joanna Schreiber Assistant Professor Statesboro

2222C Newton Building


Ph.D., Michigan Technological University, 2013

Technical & Professional Communication, Usability & User Experience (UX), Business & Management Communication, Workplace Studies, Rhetorics of Science & Technology

Amanda Schumacher Lecturer Statesboro

2221A Newton Building


M.F.A., Minnesota State University, 2011

Creative Writing (Fiction), Young Adult Literature, First-Year Writing

Jared Yates Sexton Associate Professor Statesboro

2224B Newton Building


M.F.A., Southern Illinois University, 2008

Fiction, Creative Writing, Narrative, Realism, Surrealism, Minimalism, Maximalism, Working Class Literature, Changing Masculine Roles, Screenwriting, Popular Culture, Publishing

Christopher Smith Lecturer Statesboro

3305D Newton Building


M.F.A., University of Nebraska in Omaha, 2009

Technical Writing, First-Year Writing, Creative Writing (Fiction & Nonfiction), Screenwriting, Online Education, Film Studies & Production, Animation, YA & MG Literature, Graphic Novels, Video Games in Academia

Jessica Spearman Limited-Term Faculty Statesboro

2218A Newton Building


M.A., Georgia Southern University, 2014

First-Year Writing, Creative Writing (Nonfiction & Poetry), Writing about Social Issues (Social Responsibility & Social Justice), Philosophical Writing (Empiricism, Existentialism, Feminist Philosophy & Transcendentalism), Writing about Self Identity

Robert Terry Assistant Professor Armstrong

Gamble Hall 239


Ph.D., University of Louisville

Professional Communication, Creative Writing, Gender Studies, Game Studies, American Literature

Susan Thompson Part-Time Faculty Armstrong

Liberty Center 227


Terry Thompson Assistant Professor Statesboro

2225C Newton Building


Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado, 1985

American & British Literature

Laura Valeri Associate Professor Statesboro

1119E Newton Building


M.F.A., University of Iowa, 2002

M.F.A., Florida International University, 2000

Fiction, Screenwriting, Creative Writing, Nonfiction and Memoir, Creativity, Mythology, Comparative Religion, Teaching Online, Teaching Technology

Janice R. Walker Professor Statesboro

2222A Newton Building


Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1999

Computers & Writing, Rhetoric & Composition, Professional & Technical Writing, Writing for Publication, Intellectual Property, Information Literacy, Human Subjects Research, Early American Literature

Theresa Welford Associate Professor Statesboro

2224C Newton Building


Ph.D., University of Essex, 2006

Composition & Rhetoric, Creative Writing, 20th Century American & British Poetry, Nonfiction, Writing for Young Readers


LeighAnn Williams Lecturer Statesboro

1124B Newton Building


M.A., Georgia Southern University, 1995

Creative Nonfiction, National Writing Project, First-Year Experience, Narratives, Multigenre/Multimodal Writing, LILAC Project (Learning Information Literacy Across the Curriculum)


Department Technology Manager

Name Campus Contact Information Title
Jenna Bayto Statesboro

Technology Manager

Department of Writing & Linguistics


Department Academic Advisor

Name Campus Contact Information Title
Megan Bowen Statesboro

3308D Newton Building


Academic Advisor

Department of Writing & Linguistics


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