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Professional & Technical Writing (PTW)

What is Professional & Technical Writing?

Professional and technical writing and editing courses prepare students break down complex information for diverse audiences to keep projects on track, to help the public understand complex technologies and scientific material, to ensure users are supported with help documentation, and to prepare a variety of print and digital information materials.

What Can Professional & Technical Writing Offer Me?

Students learn to produce, design, and manage information using a variety of methods and technologies. Information technologies, particularly mobile and social media, have created more demand for writers with technical expertise, with the ability to develop engaging technical content across platforms, and with the ability to facilitate rapidly changing user content needs.

Students taking professional and technical writing courses are prepared for a range of job titles and functions—from traditional technical writing positions to content strategists to social media managers—and to work in industries as diverse as healthcare, government, hospitality, software, and technology. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in technical and professional writing continue to grow faster than the national rate, with an average salary of $69,000.

Is PTW Right For Me?

Professional and technical writing and editing courses cover emerging practices like social media management and content strategy as well as evolving trends in help documentation, report and proposal writing, patient-centered documentation for healthcare services, instructional videos, visual and information design, and editing.

Professional & Technical Writing Courses

Contact PTW Area Coordinator Dr. Lisa Dusenberry ( for more information.

Required course:

WRIT 3230 Writing in the Workplace (3)

Additional PTW course offerings:

WRIT 2130 Technical Communication (3)
WRIT 2450 Writing Social Media (3)
WRIT 3030 Selected Topics in Writing (3)
WRIT 3220 Intro to Professional and Technical Writing (3)
WRIT 3232 Information Design (3)
WRIT 3233 Professional and Technical Editing (3)
WRIT 3234 Research Methods for Writers (3)
WRIT 3310 Digital Storytelling (3)
WRIT 3320 Introduction to Usability and User Experience (3)
WRIT 3460 Travel and Tourism Writing (3)
WRIT 4300 Applied Rhetoric in Science and Technology (3)
WRIT 4380 Writing Grants and Proposals (3)
WRIT 4535 Intellectual Property (3)
WRIT 4790 Internship (1-6)
WRIT 5030 Selected Topics in Writing (3)
WRIT 5100 Writing for New Media (3)
WRIT 5250 Advanced Technical Writing (3)
WRIT 5510 Writing for Nonprofits (3)
WRIT 5520 Writing for Publication (3)
WRIT 5540 Advanced Technical Editing (3)
WRIT 5550 Publication Design (3)

Last updated: 12/21/2020