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Georgia Southern University partners with MadCap Software to best prepare students for careers in technical writing

Georgia Southern University is partnering with MadCap Software to help students in its Professional and Technical Writing courses gain expertise in creating the modern content and user experiences that businesses demand. Through the partnership with the MadCap Scholar Program, students at Georgia Southern in Statesboro and Savannah will be able to enhance their learning with hands-on experience using MadCap Flare, the most advanced technical authoring and publishing solution on the market.

The Department of Writing and Linguistics at Georgia Southern offers a B.A. degree in Writing & Linguistics with coursework in four areas: Professional and Technical Writing, Creative Writing, Writing Studies, and Linguistics. The university is integrating MadCap Flare into two integral courses of the program: “Introduction to Usability and User Experience” (WRIT 3320) and “Advanced Technical Writing” (WRIT 5250). With MadCap Flare, course participants will have access to state-of-the-art functionality for applying key technical communication concepts—including user experience, document analysis, and medical writing—to the content they write, manage and publish.


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