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W&L meet and greet scheduled for Thursday, September 13

The Department of Writing and Linguistics will hold a fall meet and greet on Thursday, September 13, from 7-8 p.m. in Newton 1113 on the Statesboro campus. This event is free and open to any interested majors, minors, students, faculty and staff. Come learn more about:

  • the B.A. in Writing and Linguistics, the Online Graduate Certificate in Applied Linguistics/TESOL, and the MA or Certificate in Professional Communication and Leadership
  • Writing and Linguistic Spring 2018 course offerings
  • our faculty, majors, and alumni
  • what Writing and Linguistics can do for you in classes and the workplace
  • upcoming events, visiting writers, student organizations, and workshops
  • scholarships and awards available to Writing and Linguistics majors and minors

Refreshments, including pizza, will be served. Interested parties who are unable to make the workshop but would like to request more about the major are encouraged to email Professor Christina Olson or contact any of our faculty points of contact in specific areas.

The Department of Writing and Linguistics is part of CAH. The College of Arts and Humanities (CAH), the College of the Creative Mind, is a pillar of the academic foundation of Georgia Southern University, playing a central role in every student’s core of knowledge. CAH’s primary goal is to shape a dedication to investigation and creativity within arts and humanities through dynamic educational offerings. CAH encourages students to address the analytical, historical, cultural, and the philosophical foundations of their disciplines, and prepares students to be vital members of their professional communities.


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