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Minor in Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies

  • WGSS 2100– Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (3) is required of all minors but is NOT a prerequisite.
  • Students must complete an additional 12 semester hours of course work with significant Women’s and Gender Studies dimension in at least two disciplines other than the major, for a total of 15 semester hours. Courses may be selected from the list of core courses below, or from the list of new and current courses (varies from semester to semester).  Other courses may be approved by the Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program.

For the minor, select four of the following courses approved for the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. There are several WGSS minor courses offered every semester. See all course listings and rotations on “Course Rotations” page and in the University Catalog:

  • ANTH 3091A The Anthropology of Food and Culture
  • ANTH 7631 Anthropology of Violence (graduate)
  • CHFD 3232 Sexuality in Human Development
  • COMS 3333 Communication & Gender (Graham)
  • CRJU 3531 Victimology
  • CRJU 3535 Family Violence (Online)
  • CRJU 3733: Equality, Crime, and Justice
  • ENGL 5238: Irish Women Writers (Keeley)
  • GEOG 5530: Cultural Geography
  • HIST 3137 Topics in US Women’s History (Sims)
  • HIST 4131: Biography and History (Sims)
  • HIST 4134 A: The Civil rights Movement (Hall)
  • HIST 5138 The New South (Haberland)
  • MGNT/LSTD 2106: Employment Law and Legislative Compliance (Sipe)
  • PHIL 4130: Feminist Philosophy (Adamo)
  • POLS 3235 Gender and Politics (Burns)
  • POLS 3239 Human Rights in International Relations (Burns)
  • POLS 3438: Gender and the Law (Curry)
  • PSYC 3232 Psychology of Gender (Adams)
  • RELS 3235: Religion, Sex, and Gender (Prude)
  • SOCI 3094 Introduction to LGBT Studies (Walsh)
  • SOCI 4322 Sociology of Gender (Malcom)
  • SOCI 4322 Sociology of Gender (Blair) (Online)
  • WRIT 2090 Health Rhetorics (Carrion – students can take as 3000 level credit)(pending)
  • WRIT 3030: Writing Autobiography (Costello)
  • WRIT 3435 Writing and Healing (Amy)
  • WGSS 2100 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (Costello) (required for minor)

Last updated: 4/16/2021