Religious Studies
College of Arts and Humanities

Spring 2019 Courses

RELS 2100 – World Religions (3 credits). Instructor: D. Jason Slone

Survey of the major religious traditions of the world.

RELS 2130 – Introduction to Religion (3 credits).

This course hopes to introduce students to ways of thinking creatively and critically about religion.  Not intended to be a survey of world religions, the course introduces the academic study of religion and religious phenomena through a selective engagement with key concepts in religious studies.

RELS 3030 – History & Archaeology of the Biblical World (3 credits).  Instructor: Daniel Pioske

While our class will engage a number of biblical texts, the primary intent of this course is to better understand the historical and cultural contexts out of which the biblical writings emerged by focusing on specific archaeological and historical topics throughout the semester, such as (but not limited to) ritual, ethnicity, family and society, gender, and empire.

RELS 3136 – Intro to Islam (3 credits).  Instructor: John Sullivan

This course is an in-depth exploration of Islam around the world, and the beliefs, rituals, and cultural expressions of those who practice it.

RELS 3234 – Asian Religious Philosophy (3 credits).  Instructor: Alyson Prude

This course is a study of Asian religious philosophy based on reading and analysis of primary texts (in translation). Through close investigation of philosophical texts, the course will explore ideas about ethics, truth, and the nature of reality.

RELS 4890 – Seminar in Religious Studies (3 credits).  Instructor: Finbarr Curtis

This is a capstone course and should be one of the final courses students take within the religious studies minor.


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