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Religious Studies Faculty and Staff

Name Title Courses Email Phone
Finbarr Curtis Associate Professor Introduction to Religion
Religious Movements in the U.S.
Religion and Politics
Introduction to Christianity
Seminar in Religious Studies
icon_email 912-478-0222
Alyson Prude Associate Professor Introduction to Religion
Introduction to Asian Religions
icon_email 912-478-0897
Daniel Pioske Associate Professor Introduction to Religion
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
Introduction to the New Testament
Hebrew Prophets
Religion, Memory, and History
icon_email 912-478-4213
Jason Slone Professor Introduction to Religion
Religion and the Brain
icon_email 912-478-5909
Elizabeth Butterfield Associate Professor Philosophy of Religion icon_email 912-478-0182
Michael Nielsen  Professor Psychology of Religion  icon_email 912-478-5539
Kathleen Comerford  Professor Reformation; Christian Europe icon_email 912-478-0642
James Woods  Professor History of Religion in the U.S. icon_email 912-478-0238


Last updated: 5/13/2022