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Student Organizations

The Philosophy & Religious Studies Club is an informal student group intended to pursue philosophical activities outside of the classroom. The club is open to any Georgia Southern Student with an interest in philosophy, regardless of their major.  The club participates in and sponsors activities that promote the love of wisdom and the pursuit of truth. These activities include panel discussions of philosophical topics, presentations of student research, hosting guest lectures, participating in student conferences, and service projects within the community.  The club works closely with Georgia Southern’s chapter of Phi Sigma Tau and the International Honors Society of Philosophy.  The Philosophy & Religious Studies club meets Mondays at 6pm in Newton 2216.

Contact Dr. William Eaton for more information at

Philosophy After Dark is an informal philosophy discussion group that meets once a week off-campus to discuss pre-selected philosophical topics. As differing points of view are particularly valued for the discussions, students of any major are strongly encouraged to attend and participate! Topics of discussion range from abstract metaphysical questions to contemporary moral issues. Participants are encouraged to submit topics for consideration as well!

Contact Dr. Dan Larkin for more information at

Phi Sigma Tau Georgia Chapter Eta.  Since 2001, Georgia Southern University has sponsored a chapter of Phi Sigma Tau, the international honors society of philosophy.  To  be eligible for membership, you must be a Georgia Southern University Philosophy Major who has completed at least one year of course work, and maintains a 3.0 grade point average. The honors society participates in and sponsors activities that promote the love of wisdom and the pursuit of truth.  These activities include active work and mutual support in student research projects, hosting guest lectures, submitting research for presentation at national and international undergraduate philosophy conferences, as well as submitting papers for publication in undergraduate philosophy journals. The honors society works closely with the Philosophy Club.  In recent semesters, Phi Sigma Tau Georgia Chapter Eta has hosted a conference, in conjunction with Georgia Southern University, and published a monthly campus broadsheet entitled Praxis.

Contact Dr. William Eaton for more information at

Last updated: 2/25/2022