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Learning Outcomes

For the major, we have three Student Learning Outcomes

1: Discipline-Specific Knowledge Base
Graduates with a BA degree in Philosophy will accurately and clearly present and explain the thought of a philosopher or philosophical theory, demonstrating a strong background in discipline-specific knowledge including the history and major periods of Philosophy, major thinkers, and major fields of study and theories of Philosophy.

2: Critical Reasoning
Graduates with a BA degree in Philosophy will think through complex issues with clarity as they critically evaluate philosophical positions, identifying central arguments and their support.

3: Independent Philosophical thought
Graduates with a B.A. in Philosophy will independently evaluate the material with sufficient creativity and originality, supporting their positions with well-reasoned argumentation, providing a thesis that is properly stated, focused, and clear, and defending this thesis in a way that is well-organized and well-supported.

Last updated: 8/11/2023