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Jack Simmons

Professor, Philosophy

Armstrong Campus
203 Gamble Hall

Ph.D., Tulane University
M.A., Louisiana State University
B.A., Louisiana State University

Postmodernism, Philosophy of Film, 20th Century Philosophy and Medieval Philosophy
Philosophy of Film/TV/Visual Media & Information Science and Media Ethics
PHIL 2010: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2030: Introduction to Ethics and Moral Issues
PHIL 3140: Kant and the 19th Century
PHIL 3150: Twentieth Century Philosophy
PHIL 3310: Philosophy of Film
PHIL 3320: Postmodernism
PHIL 3340: Symbolic Logic

“The Afterbirth of the Clinic: A Foucauldian Perspective on ‘House M.D.’and American Medicine in the 21st Century,” Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 51:2, (Spring, 2008).  Co-authored with Leigh Rich, David Adams, Michael Mink, and Scott Thorpe.

“Why Greeks Tolerate Violent Student Protest,” International Journal of Decision Ethics:  on Global Conflicts, Higher Education, Business and Economics, Oxford University, Global Scholarly Publications, Volume III:I (Fall, 2006).

“What is a Liberal Education?”  Immortal Longings 8 (2003).

“Educational Technology and Academic Freedom,” Techné: Journal of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, 5:3 (Spring 2001),

“The Future of Academic Freedom: Educational Technology and Academic Freedom,” Distance Education Online Symposium News, 10:3, (2000).

“Distance Learning: Education or Economics,” The International Journal of Value-Based Management, 14, 2001.  Rpt.  New Wine in Old Bottles: Business Education and Training, a Value-Laden Process, 7 (2000).

“Truth and Method (Gadamer, Hans-Georg),” World Philosophy, Rev. Ed., Salem Press (2000).

Three Dashes Bitters, a novel (2017).

“The Continental Perspective on Death”.  Published in: Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Global Views on Choosing to End Life, (2017).

“Hannibal and the Horrors of Hyper-Rationality”.  Co-author Leigh Rich. Published in: Film and Philosophy, Vol. 20, (2016).

“Universal Principles of Evolution”.  Co-authors Joung Vo and Dr. Gene Mesco.  Published in: World Futures, Volume 70, Issue 7, (2014).

Last updated: 11/12/2020