Music Technology Lab

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The Music Technology Lab hosts 16 individual student stations, each featuring a 27″ iMac, a Roland RS-5 synthesizer or Roland Juno-D synthesizer, and an MBox audio interface.. All stations are equipped with ProTools, Digital Performer, Reason, Finale, East West Symphonic Gold, Max, SPEAR, Supercollider, Soundhack, and a variety of other software packages. Additionally, the class is equipped with an audio network to enable communication between station computers for collaborative work. The lab hosts a soldering station with a host of sensors and arduinos at the disposal of students interested in new interface creation. The lab also houses an Analog Music Station which features a collection of 1970s EML synthesizers, a Moog Prodigy, a Sherman Filter Bank, and a 1/4′ reel-to-reel tape machine.



Last updated: 10/9/2017

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