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Minor in Music Technology

vcm_s_kf_m160_160x106The Music Technology minor is for non-music majors who have a strong interest in pursuing studies in music technology. The minor is a demanding program that will present students with opportunities for recording, production,  mixing, and music creation using current technologies. There is no audition for the minor in Music Technology, but students will be assessed based on their performance in the introductory courses (see below).

Requirements Prerequisite:

MUSC 1100 – Music Appreciation (3)

Minor Program:

MUSC 1333 – Music Fundamentals I (3 credits) – Offered Fall semesters

MUSC 1334 – Music Fundamentals II (3 credits) – Offered Spring semesters

MUSC 1515 – Technology in Music (1 credit) – Offered Fall and Spring semesters

MUSC 4534 –  Recording Studio Techniques) (3 credits) – Offered odd year spring and fall (i.e. Spring of 2023, Fall of 2023)

MUSC 4535 – Digital Audio Workstations (3 credits) – Offered even year spring and fall (i.e. Spring of 2024, Fall of 2024)

MUSC 5630 – Music, Technology, and Contemporary Culture (3 credits) – Offered alternating Fall semesters

MUSE 1100 -Recital Attendance (2 semesters) (0 credits) – Offered Fall and Spring semesters

Advanced students may choose (with permission of instructor) to enroll in special problems courses covering topics of Interactive Media (using Cycling 74’s Max) and Musical Systems Programming (using the SuperCollider programming language).

Additional Minor Requirements/Recommendations:

Students must be formally advised by a minor advisor and a minor must be declared prior to completing seven hours in the minor.


Last updated: 1/13/2021