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Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate music degrees at Georgia Southern University prepare students to pursue professional work as teachers, performers, and composers, or to enter graduate-level programs in music. All degrees build on fundamental competencies in music theory and analysis, sight-singing, keyboard facility, technological tools, and music history and literature.

Specific Bachelor of Music degrees provide students with specialized training leading to advanced competency in the areas of composition, music education, or performance. Throughout the program, students broaden their experience and integrate their skills and knowledge by participating as performers and listeners in the Department’s rich and varied concert life and through interaction with accomplished teacher/mentors.

Acceptance into any undergraduate degree program requires the completion of an Entrance Audition. Audition requirements vary depending upon degree and primary instrument/voice.


Bachelor of Arts in Music

Bachelor of Music in Composition

Bachelor of Music in Music Education – Choral

Bachelor of Music in Music Education – Instrumental

Bachelor of Music in Performance – Instrumental

Bachelor of Music in Performance – Keyboard

Bachelor of Music in Performance – Vocal

Bachelor of Music Concentration in Music Industry

Music Minor

Music Minor – Applied Music

Music Minor – Music History and Literature

Music Minor – Music Technology

Last updated: 1/6/2021