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Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Title
Dr. Lawanda Allen Part-time Instructor, Music Education
Dr. Michael Braz Professor Emeritus
Dr. Russell Brown Associate Professor, Clarinet/Composition/Theory/Music Technology
Dr. Carolyn J. Bryan Professor, Saxophone; Head, Woodwinds Area
Dr. Pierce Dickens Part-time Instructor, Organ and Theory
Dr. Robert Dunham Professor, Director of Bands
Dr. Larisa Elisha Associate Professor, Violin/Viola; Coordinator, Upper Strings
Dr. Steven Elisha Professor, Cello/Bass and Director of Orchestras; Head, Strings Area
Dr. Linda Estes Part-time Instructor, Music Appreciation
Dr. Matthew D. Fallin Professor, Percussion; Head, Percussion Area
Dr. Martín Gendelman Associate Professor, Composition and Theory
Dr. Arikka Gregory Professor, Voice
Dr. Emily Grundstad-Hall Associate Professor, Voice
Dr. Daniel Haddad Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Bands/Director of Athletic Bands
Ms. Sarah Hancock Lecturer, Voice
Dr. Steven A. Harper Professor, Theory; Department Chair
Dr. Robert Harris Professor, Choirs
Dr. Gregory Harwood Professor, Music History/Musicology; Director of Graduate Studies
Dr. Allen Henderson Professor, Voice
Mr. William Holmes Part-Time Instructor, Tuba/Euphonium
Dr. Shannon Jeffreys Associate Professor, Director of Choral Activities
Mr. Mark B. Johnson Professor Emeritus
Mr. Brian Lyons Part-time Instructor, Oboe/Bassoon
Dr. Diane Kessel Lecturer, Flute/Music Appreciation  
Dr. Tim Kintzinger Lecturer, Trumpet  
Dr. David Langley Associate Professor, Music Education; Assistant Director of Choral Activities
Dr. Richard Mason Associate Professor, Trombone and Director of Jazz Ensemble
Dr. Stephanie Furry Mason Lecturer, Horn, Music Fundamentals, and Music Appreciation
Mr. Jonathan Murphy Lecturer, Opera/Collaborative Piano
Dr. David Murray Professor, Piano; Head, Keyboard Area
Dr. Tom Pearsall Professor, Group Piano and Piano Pedagogy
Dr. Daniel Pittman Professor Emeritus
Dr. Stephen Primatic Professor, Percussion/Theory/Jazz/Music Technology
Dr. Randall Reese Professor Emeritus
Dr. Karla Rocker Academic Professional, Collaborative Piano
Ms. Alice Schmid Part-Time Instructor, Music Appreciation
Dr. Briana Sosenheimer Lecturer, Voice/Opera
Ms. Kristen Spiridon Lecturer, Clarinet
Dr. Laura Stambaugh Professor, Music Education; Head, Music Education Area
Dr. John Thompson Professor, Music Technology; Head, Music Technology Area
Dr. Benjamin Warsaw Associate Professor, Piano

Last updated: 12/27/2020