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Bachelor of Music in Music Education


SLO 1: BM Music Education students will develop performance ability on a variety of instruments supporting instruction at the K-12 levels, including piano, elementary classroom instruments, and several band and orchestra instruments. Students will demonstrate ability to teach these instruments and vocal technique.

SLO 2: BM Music Education students will write and execute lessons plans and curricula based on content knowledge, children’s musical development, and state standards, with the goal of developing their student’s ability for musical thinking, knowledge, and skills. Candidates will demonstrate classroom leadership skills including vocal inflection, eye contact, and giving clear directions.

SLO 3: BM Music Education students will perform music from a variety of musical periods, completing a Level 2 performance jury and Graduation Recital.

SLO 4: BM Music Education students will identify the common elements and organizational patterns /forms / structures of music and their interaction in aural, verbal, and visual analysis.

SLO 5: BM Music Education students will place music in historical, cultural, and stylistic contexts.

Music Education-Choral
Music Education-Instrumental

Last updated: 9/1/2021