Department of Music
College of Arts and Humanities

Master of Music in Music Education


SLO 1: MM students will demonstrate an ability to identify and use standard digital and paper research tools in music according to the Comprehensive Orals rubric and will produce a comprehensive bibliography that shows their ability to utilize standard scholarly tools relevant to their concentration area according to standards set in a research and bibliographic rubric.

SLO 2: MM students will produce an independent creative or scholarly product that demonstrates technical proficiency in their concentration area and effective artistic and intellectual judgments according to standards set in a project or performance rubric and in the Comprehensive Orals rubric.

SLO 3: MM students will demonstrate increased breadth of knowledge and skills beyond the undergraduate level in the foundational areas of music theory and history and in other areas related to their music concentration according to standards set in the Comprehensive Orals rubric.

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Last updated: 1/5/2018