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Bachelor of Music in Performance – Keyboard

About the Program

The Keyboard Area at Georgia Southern University serves the needs and interests of pianists in a variety of ways. Music majors declaring piano as their primary instrument may pursue the Bachelor or Master of Music degree in Performance, Music Education, or Composition. Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts or Minor in Music may also fulfill degree requirements in part through private piano instruction.

Members of the piano faculty are specialists in various areas, including performance, pedagogy, and collaborative performance. Studies in accompanying, piano literature, and piano pedagogy round out the student pianist’s experiences. Music majors who choose piano as their primary instrument will develop collaborative playing skills in a supervised setting, both by performing with other pianists and by serving as accompanists for other music majors. Piano literature courses offer students the opportunity to explore the wealth of music written for the instrument while gaining understanding about various performance practices, styles, and composers. Finally, courses in piano pedagogy prepare students for careers in piano teaching—both privately and in group settings—by providing the tools necessary to work with students of various age groups, backgrounds, and levels of difficulty.

Become a Music Major

Please visit the audition page and the piano performance audition page for more information about entrance requirements.

For more information contact:
Dr. David Murray
(912) 478-5019

View the Course Catalog for Degree Requirements

Last updated: 7/29/2022