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Music History and Literature

The Music History and Literature area provides courses to majors and non-majors that broaden experience and interaction with musical repertories as an expression of human imagination and artistry and their relationship to aesthetic principles, compositional style, critical and popular reception, and socio-cultural milieu. Music history courses for music majors address the effective use of scholarly inquiry, research and writing techniques, and the synthesis of music history and literature with performance and performance practices; aural, verbal, and visual analysis; and composition/improvisation. In addition to the core Music History and Literature staff, almost all faculty members in the Department teach  music literature in their area of specialization. 


Ms. Heidi Bindhammer

Dr. Reed Hanna

Dr. Gregory Harwood, Musicology Area Head

Ms. Diane Kessel

Dr. Stephanie Furry Mason

Ms. Alice Schmid

Dr. Tim Kintzinger

Last updated: 7/15/2018