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Welcome to the Voice area of the Gretsch School of Music!

The voice is one of the oldest musical instruments known to mankind, predating spoken language. And the voice area is one of the most vibrant in the Gretsch School of Music. 

Expand the joy of singing, develop your voice and let your talent soar! Ready to sing?

Whether you want to sing in a chorus, act in an opera or show off your vocal chops in a jazz ensemble or a rock band, the Gretsch School of Music has you covered.

You’ll have a multitude of performance opportunities when you study voice. Students from all academic majors can participate in numerous performance arenas such as choirs, opera and private vocal study to explore and accomplish much with their voice.

Degrees with a vocal emphasis

Vocal Ensembles

In addition to academic studies and performances, you’ll have the chance to perform off-campus in concert tours and competitions. The Georgia Southern Chorale often performs and competes internationally. The Georgia Southern Operas offers students opportunities to enjoy multiple performance styles and venues. 

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Vocal Arts Faculty

Dr. Arikka Gregory
Dr. Arikka Gregory
Professor of Voice
Director, Georgia Southern Opera
Emliy Grundstad-Hall
Dr. Emily Grundstad-Hall
Associate Professor, Voice
Sarah Hancock
Sarah Hancock
Senior Lecturer, Voice
Robert Harris
Dr. Robert Harris
Professor, Choir
Dr. Allen Henderson
Professor, Voice
Dr. Shannon Jeffreys
Director of Choral Activities
David Langley
Dr. David Langley
Associate Professor of Music Education
Assistant Director of Choral Activities
Jonathan Murphy
Jonathan Murphy
Lecturer, Opera and Collaborative Piano

Questions? Contact Us!

Dr. Arikka Gregory

Dr. Arikka Gregory
Professor of Voice
Director, Georgia Southern Opera
Phone: 912-478-5408

Last updated: 3/30/2022