Department of Music
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Graduate Application

Follow the steps below to complete application to the Master of Music program. Additional information concerning admission criteria can be found at the Graduate Admission Criteria page.

1) Submit an application

    • Before beginning the application, be ready to upload:
      • Scanned unofficial copies of transcripts from all colleges and universities you have previously attended.
      • Your resume (optional)
      • A statement of purpose explaining why you want to complete this degree
      • The email addresses of two people who will supply your letters of recommendation.

2) Submit supplementary materials to the Music Department.

    • Please send the required materials listed under your area of emphasis (see below). These items should be submitted to:

Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Music, Georgia Southern University
P.O. Box 8052
Statesboro, GA 304560-8052

M.M., Music Composition

Prospective students applying for the M.M. in Music Composition should send a separate packet to the Director of Graduate Studies containing sample scores for at least three different types of composition.

M.M., Conducting (Band, Choral, or Orchestral)

Prospective students applying for the M.M. in Conducting should send a video recording to the Director of Graduate Studies. This must include three pieces in contrasting styles (one of them a cappella for choral conductors). Conducting students attending part-time will need to come to a satisfactory agreement with the conducting faculty about how the practical conducting requirement will be managed before being admitted (school ensemble, church choir, etc.).

M.M., Music Education

Prospective students applying for the M.M. in Music Education should send a separate packet to the  Director of Graduate Studies containing a photocopy of your Certification in Music (Georgia Level 4 or its equivalent)

M.M., Music Technology

Prospective students applying for the M.M. in Music Technology should send a separate packet to the  Director of Graduate Studies containing a portfolio with examples of your work in music. Examples of work in the field of music technology are particularly helpful.

M.M. in Music Performance (Instrumental, Piano, or Vocal)

Prospective students applying for the M.M. in Music Performance should contact the Director of Graduate Studies to arrange a live audition. Alternatively, prospective students may send a video or audio recording.

The live or recorded auditions must follow these guidelines:

Instrumental: Satisfactory live or taped audition with three contrasting pieces from different periods. The audition committee may also request to hear scales or other technical material in a live audition. The Strings and Guitar areas have specific requirements which are linked below.

Strings: Specific audition requirements

Guitar: Specific audition requirements

Piano: Applicants must submit a list of repertoire studied during previous four years and prepare a memorized program consisting of the following:

1. A contrapuntal baroque composition equivalent in difficulty to a three-voice fugue from The Well-Tempered Clavier by Bach.
2. A complete classical sonata, preferably by Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven
3. A romantic work.
4. A work from the impressionist or contemporary period.
5. Sight reading (at a live audition)

Vocal: Satisfactory live or taped audition with four contrasting pieces from different periods demonstrating acceptable proficiency in diction in English, German, French, and Italian. Vocal students are also expected to demonstrate basic undergraduate proficiency using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and fluency in basic keyboard accompanying skills, which may be done during a live audition or at a later time if a recorded audition is submitted.

3) International Applicants Only

    • International Applicants should refer to the international applicants FAQ page for additional instructions.
    • International applicants should check the International Costs page for information about costs and financial aid.
    • Complete an application for an  Out of Country Tuition Waver, which reduces the cost of tuition to the in-state level. (Optional)

4) Graduate Assistantships  (Optional)

Georgia Southern University offers opportunities for graduate students to contribute to the teaching and research of the college by working as Graduate Assistants. Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis based on academic ability, musical skills, and the needs of the Department.

When you complete the Graduate Assistantship Application and are fully accepted into the program, you will automatically be considered for all assistantships and scholarships in the Music Department for which you are eligible.  In addition, you may want to consult the list of Vacant Assistantships mentioned on the College of Graduate Studies page and individually contact those for which you might be eligible.

The University has established March 1 as the priority deadline for applications for the following fall. This priority deadline is particularly important for students if they are considering applying for a graduate assistantship or any type of scholarship.


    • Fall Semester (priority deadline) March 1
    • Fall Semester (final deadline) July 1
    • Spring Semester December 1
    • Summer Term May 1


Contact the Director of Graduate Studies in Music.

Last updated: 1/11/2019