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Course Rotation Schedule for English

Schedule of Graduate Seminars

If you are having trouble getting into classes you need, here are some suggestions:

  • Be willing to take sections of these classes at days and times other than the most popular. It helps to be flexible in your scheduling.
  • If it’s a core class that has options in the same area, check out the other possibilities that are still available. For example, MUSC 1100, Music Appreciation (Area C); TCGT 1530, Science, Tech, and the Environment (Area D); and GEOG 1130, World Regional Geography (Area E), often have openings.
  • In the case of a closed class that is necessary for you to progress in your program AND you are “stuck” (unable to make a full schedule) until you take that class, you may want to try asking for an override. Here’s the correct procedure:
    • Contact your advisor who, if he/she approves, will send an e-mail petition on your behalf to the Associate Dean of the college. Overrides will be considered for “emergency” situations only (such as the one stated above). Associate Deans will add the course to your schedule, if they grant your advisor’s petition.

Contact your advisor for more assistance.

To search for upcoming classes:

  •  Use the Georgia Southern Course Search tool through My Georgia Southern
  • In the SUBJECT space, enter:
    • ENGL for literature courses*
    • IRSH for Irish studies courses
  • Select the appropriate TERM from the drop-down menu and make any other specifications for the courses you are looking for

*Please note: ENGL 1101 and 1102 are taught by the Department of Writing and Linguistics

Last updated: 12/8/2022