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Olivia Carr Edenfield


Professor, Literature

2220 B Newton

PhD, University of Georgia, 2002

Olivia Carr Edenfield has been a faculty member at Georgia Southern University since 1986. Currently a professor of literature, she served as Associate Dean of Student Affairs for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences from 2004-2010, when she returned to faculty to focus full-time on teaching, service to the discipline, and research. Her area of specialization is the American short story, an interest she developed while working on her MA in English at the University of Iowa. While her main focus is the contemporary short-story master Andre Dubus—she is his authorized biographer–she has also published on Hemingway, Faulkner, Salinger, and McCarthy. Dr. Edenfield serves as Executive Coordinator of the American Literature Association and assists in planning or directing the annual conference as well as bi-annual symposia sponsored by the Association. She is a member of the Ernest Hemingway Society, the Cormac McCarthy Society, the Elizabeth Madox Roberts Society, the American Crime Fiction Group, and the Society for the Study of the American Short Story. Her book Understanding Andre Dubus is in production at UP South Carolina. She is co-editor with Alfred Bendixen, Princeton University, of The Centrality of Crime Fiction in American Literary Culture, currently under contract with Routledge, to be released Summer 2016.
Ernest Hemingway and Cormac McCarthy
The American Short Story
The American Novel
Survey of American Literature II 1865-Present
Senior Seminar: The American Short-Story Cycle
Survey of World Literature II 1650-Present
cover-conversationswithandredubus Conversations with Andre Dubus. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2013.
cover-resourcesforamericaliterarystudy-1 “Avoiding ‘the stench of the ego’: A Conversation with Andre Dubus, III.” Resources for American Literary Study 36 (2013): 251-86.
cover-companiontotheamericannovel “A Different Kind of Love Story: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.” A Companion to the American Novel. Ed. Alfred Bendixen. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. 582-97.
cover-teachingsalinger “Uncle Wiggily’s Haunted House.” Teaching Salinger’s Nine Stories. Ed. Brad McDuffie. Wickford: New Street Publishers, 2011. 293-327.
At Andre Dubus' grave with Andre Dubus III.

At Andre Dubus’ grave with Andre Dubus III.

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