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Joe Pellegrino


Associate Professor, Literature

3308C Newton

PhD, University of North Carolina, 1996

I work in Postcolonial Literature and Irish Studies, with a secondary emphasis in South Asian Studies. But I also do work concerning power interactions (class / gender / nation-state) in literature and the intersection of religion and literature. I’m currently working on a book-length reference project on Derek Walcott. I teach a variety of classes, from world literature to graduate seminars on James Joyce and Seamus Heaney.
Postcolonial Literature
Seamus Heaney
T.S. Eliot
Introduction to Literary Studies
Literary Theory
Mythical, Classical, and Biblical Backgrounds to Literature
20th-Century British Literature
Modern Ireland in Film
Graphic Novels
Cover-Open-Pages-edited Open Pages in South Asian Studies. Editor. Hyland Hills, CA: SASA Books, 2014.
Cover-Yasoda-edited “We Are All Yaśodā: Creating Future South Asian Scholars.” Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies 2.1 (Spring 2014): 3-16.
“Mughals, Music, and ‘The Crown of India’ Masque: Reassessing Elgar and the Raj.” South Asian Review 31.1 (November 2010): 13-36.
“Using Mysticism To Teach ‘Zaabalawi.’” Eureka Studies In Teaching Short Fiction 8.2 (Spring 2008): 106-114.

Last updated: 11/24/2020