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Dustin Anderson

Profile-Anderson Associate Professor, Literature
Graduate Director, MA in English

3302B Newton

PhD, Florida State University

I am our Director of Graduate Studies, and an associate faculty member for The Center for Irish Research and Teaching. My research examines developments in literatures and cognitive studies, with an emphasis on how the writings of transnational modernists (from Joyce to Hemingway) complicate received discourses on cognition and memory begun by early 20th century neuro-philosopher Henri Bergson, and continued by contemporary neuroscientists such VS Ramachandran and Daniel Dennett. My scholarship on Irish modernism also includes studies in Irish-American literatures. I have recently directed the Cormac McCarthy Society Conference (in Austin), the International F. Scott Fitzgerald Conference (in Dublin), the ALA Symposium on American Literature and War (in New Orleans), and I am a regular organizer for the British Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies Conference (here in Savannah). I am also the Associate Editor of The Cormac McCarthy Journal.

CLASS Award of Distinction for Teaching, 2017.
CLASS Award of Distinction for Service, 2016.
CLASS Award of Excellence in Research, Teaching, and Service, 2013.

Research Methods
Samuel Beckett and Expatriate Paris
Modern British & Irish Drama
Upper-Division Undergraduate:
Memory, History, & Forgetting
Intro to Dramatic Literature
Expatriate Literature
Irish-American Literature
Irish Drama and Film
20th Century British Literature
British Drama Since 1660
British Black Comedy – Byron, Browning, & Beckett
Hemingway in Paris
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Last updated: 3/30/2022