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Film Studies


Film Studies is about more than watching movies and having engaging conversations about them (although we do that too!). Studying film often involves studying history, politics, and cultural contexts, and studying film always involves thinking not only about narrative and rhetorical techniques, but also about visual and auditory presentation. In addition, students in Film Studies learn invaluable transferable skills of audiovisual analysis and written as well as audiovisual communication. This interdisciplinary minor is ideal for helping students hone their cultural awareness and communication skills.

Advantages of a Minor in Film Studies

Film Studies is one of the fastest growing liberal arts programs at American colleges and universities. Unlike filmmaking, which teaches technical knowledge and practical production skills, Film Studies invites students to look at films aesthetically, historically, and culturally. Because of its unique interdisciplinary nature, a Minor in Film Studies allows students an exceptionally broad understanding of contemporary culture and its international dimensions while developing strong critical skills needed to articulate that understanding. Graduates with a Minor in Film Studies will clearly expand their career options and enhance their marketability. They can find jobs with film companies, film archives, and festivals. They can work in public relations or commercial advertising, for government agencies and non-profit organizations. They can be technical writers, critics, journalists, art managers, or teachers. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Film Studies Faculty in Literature

Dr. Amanda Konkle, Gamble Hall 912-344-2625

Film Studies Faculty in Communication Arts

Mr. John Goshorn, Sanford Hall 912-478-0534

Mr. Matthew Hashiguchi, Sanford Hall 912-478-0027

Ms. Abbey Hoekzema, Sanford Hall  912-478-5748

Film Studies Minor Requirements

Last updated: 9/10/2021