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  • Alumni Achievement Alert! Chris Williams is now a Site Coordinator and he is a winner of the 2021 Button Poetry's national video contest! Learn more on the blog!
  • Faculty Appearance Alert! Dr. Carol Jamison is featured on episode 20 of the Potterversity podcast titled “Noble Blood in Harry Potter and Arthurian Literature” You can check out the podcast by clicking here Congrats Dr. Jamison!
  • Student publication alert! While studying in Ireland, M.A. student Savannah Barrow wrote a piece entitled “The Feeling of Moher.” Her work has been accepted for publication in an online journal called The Literary Traveller, which publishes pieces that combine travel writing and literary experience. When asked about the publication, Savannah shared,  “ ‘The Feeling ofContinue […]
  • Dr. Kendra R. Parker’s article, “‘…reveling in that freedom’: Roxane Gay’s Hunger as 21st-Century Freedom Narrative,” was published in South Atlantic Review (Spring 2022, vol. 87, no. 1, pp. 19-38), a publication of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association.
  • What was William Wordsworth talking about in his preface to "Lyrical Ballads"? Some students in Dr. Howells' ENGL 2122: Brit Lit II answered this question with a meme! Check out the memes on our blog!
  • Dr. Amanda Konkle will be a part of the CNN docuseries Reframed: Marilyn Monroe airing this month. Producers have her interview as a part of the fourth episode, titled “Icon,” which will air at 10 PM EST on January 23.
  • On today’s blog, we’re presenting Dr. Dustin Anderson. Dr. Anderson would prefer to be an anti-hero, doesn't favor the word taxes, and has an interesting teaching moment that involves a skunk. Curious? Read on to satisfy that curiosity!
  • M.A. English student LaVonna Wright will be featured in the upcoming anthology, Woven with Brown Thread, curated and edited by Upile Chisala.
  • The content below is only a small sampling of our course offerings. Please check WINGS for a full list of courses. ENGL 2100: Black Vampires  Online Asynchronous  | CRN: 15565 and 15566 | Dr. Kendra R. Parker Literature & Humanities: Black Vampires (ENGL 2100) explores the shifting nature of Black vampires in film and literature!Continue […]
  • The collection of essays Dr. Konkle co-edited on the television series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is out with Syracuse University Press! Check out the blog to learn more and to get access to the podcast!

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Last updated: 1/12/2021