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  • On today’s blog, we’re presenting Dr. Dustin Anderson. Dr. Anderson would prefer to be an anti-hero, doesn't favor the word taxes, and has an interesting teaching moment that involves a skunk. Curious? Read on to satisfy that curiosity!
  • M.A. English student LaVonna Wright will be featured in the upcoming anthology, Woven with Brown Thread, curated and edited by Upile Chisala.
  • The content below is only a small sampling of our course offerings. Please check WINGS for a full list of courses. ENGL 2100: Black Vampires  Online Asynchronous  | CRN: 15565 and 15566 | Dr. Kendra R. Parker Literature & Humanities: Black Vampires (ENGL 2100) explores the shifting nature of Black vampires in film and literature!Continue […]
  • The collection of essays Dr. Konkle co-edited on the television series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is out with Syracuse University Press! Check out the blog to learn more and to get access to the podcast!
  • No, you're not seeing double! Today's #TuesdayText is ANOTHER new publication from Dr. Hans-Georg Erney.
  • We’ll be bringing #FacultyFridays Q & A to you once a month this semester. On today’s blog, we’re presenting Dr. Joe Pellegrino. Did you know Dr. Pellegrino was once a musician? Do you want to know why his superpower would be reading minds? Read on to find out!
  • Dr. Hans-Georg Erney's article, "Ecological Science Fiction with Chinese Characteristics," was published in MOSF Journal of Science Fiction (2021).
  • I bet all of you can easily identify an image of Marilyn Monroe, and you might have even seen one or two of her films before. But why? Why is this film star someone we still recognize, discuss, debate, watch, and admire almost 60 years after her death?  Students enrolled in Dr Amanda Konkle’s ENGL […]
  • Jade Jordan, a junior Secondary Education major, created a teaser trailer as part of her final project in her ENGL 2100 “Black Vampires” class with Dr. Kendra R. Parker during summer 2021-Term A semester.
  • This summer, students enrolled in English courses did some pretty cool things in their classes! What does Yosemite National Park have to do with literature? How are digital final projects on Marilyn Monroe and Black Vampires showcased? Stick around for the next three Fridays to learn more. For today? We’re taking a summer trip to […]

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Last updated: 1/12/2021