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#FacultyFridays: Q&A with Dr. Hapsatou Wane

We’ll be bringing #FacultyFridays Q & A to you once a month this semester. We think our professors are pretty great, and we want to share them with you all. But, this isn’t your typical interview or Q & A session. We want to shed a little insight into some of their quirks or deepest desires (like, what’s their most coveted superpower?)

Want to know her least favorite word? Or what TV show she would take with her during the zombie apocalypse? Or what creepy crawly surprised her while teaching? Check out today’s blog to learn more.

On today’s blog, we’re presenting Dr. Hapsatou Wane, our beloved professor in the Departments of Literature and Foreign Languages at the Armstrong campus.

Keep reading to find out why Dr. Wane likes villains or what her favorite superpower would be…

What is your favorite word?


What is your least favorite word?


During the zombie apocalypse, what’s one book, poem, movie, play, or short story we would be surprised you’re taking with you?

I don’t know if you’ll be surprised but I am taking The Walking Dead (the comic book series). This is how I’ll survive the zombie apocalypse.

Hero, Anti-hero, or Villain? Because…

Villain all the way…  A villain like Heath Ledger’s The Joker makes me question e-ve-ry-thing #WhySoSerious.

If you could have dinner and a drink with any author, thinker, or critic, what are you having for dinner? What are you drinking? And why this person?

I’d have a lemon-flavored Lacroix with postcolonial theorist Frantz Fanon because his work shaped me as an individual, an educator, and a scholar.

What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

Fashion designer. I just want to be a contestant on Project Runway

What’s your superpower: invisibility, flying, or reading people’s minds? Why?

Invisibility. There is something empowering in choosing to make yourself invisible to the rest of the world.

Did you learn something about Dr. Wane you didn’t know? So did we! Hopefully one day we can see Dr. Wane’s fashion designs on the runway.

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