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Oh, the Places You Can Go: Meet Randy Ball, ’95 (Alumni Interview)

Randy Ball

What are you doing now? What paths led you to this point? 

I am currently teaching high school English at Korea International School–Jeju Campus, on a wonderful little volcanic island off the coast of mainland Korea.  Previously, I taught internationally at schools in Lahore, Pakistan, and in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I also spent ten years teaching high school English in Beaufort, South Carolina, where I channeled my inner Pat Conroy.  These days, with all my travels, I seem to be channeling either Mark Twain or Andrew Zimmern.  

Did you major or minor in English? How did your English education shape you?

I majored in English, but with teacher certification.  So I spent half my time in one department, and half my time in the other.  There was never enough time in the day to take all the courses I wanted, but my experiences were invaluable.  

What advice would you give to current English students or students considering English as a major or minor?

Read.  Read every chance you get.  And then write.

Can you tell us what’s on your bookshelf? Or, if you’d like, tell us about a book you read–recently or not-so-recently–that you would call a “favorite.” 

Well, I’m getting ready to teach Lord of the Flies, so that’s on my shelf right now.  And I just finished Guy Delisle’s Pyongyang:  A Journey in North Korea (because I’m teaching that too).  But I always find time for personal reading.  A favorite that is stuck in my mind is John Irving’s Until I Find You, whose main character will be stuck with me forever (it’s right up there with A Prayer for Owen Meaney and The World According to Garp.  When I want something less cerebral, I turn to my birth state (Florida), and two of its most popular writers: Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey.

Is there anything else you would like to share that we haven’t asked?

I didn’t just bring myself halfway around the world;  I have a family, including two little girls who have traveled to 30 countries in their first decade alone.  They are growing up a little differently from the way I did.

Thanks so much for interviewing with us, Randy! We’re so grateful to you for joining us today! 

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