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Study Abroad

Below are all of the upcoming study abroad opportunities in Latin America that are available to Georgia Southern students. If you are interested in counting study abroad courses toward the minor or concentration in Latin American Studies, please contact one of the directors for approval ( or

Argentina- Intensive Spanish

Dates: Term A
Earn: 6 credit hours: SPAN
Cost: TBD + tuition & fees + airfare
Contact: Dr. Martha Hughes,
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Brazil- Soccer and Society; Crime and Violence

Dates: July 10-July 31, 2016 (Term B)
Earn: 3-6 credit hours: CRJU, INST, SOCI (Grad & Undergrad)
Cost: $2,700 (tentative) + tuition & fees + airfare
Contact: Dr. Matthew Flynn, or Dr. Chad Posick,
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Costa Rica- Nursing and Service Learning

Dates: Term A
Earn: 3-6 credit hours: NURS, INST
Cost: $2,800 (tentative) + tuition & fees
Contact: Dr. Marian Tabi,
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Costa Rica- Intensive Spanish

Dates: June 19-July 17, 2016 (Term B)
Earn: 6 credit hours: SPAN
Cost: $3,500 + tuition & fees + airfare
Contact: Ms. Helena Hernandez,
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Ecuador- Geography: Nature & Society

Dates: June 27-July 15, 2016 (Term B)
Earn: 6 credit hours GEOG
Cost: $3,999 + tuition & fees + airfare
Contact: Dr. Mark Welford, or Dr. Ashley Coles,
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Ecuador- Biology Field Research in the Amazon

Date: June 20-July 21, 2016 (Term B- 2 weeks in country)
Earn: 6 credit hours BIOL
Cost: $2,200 + tuition & fees + airfare
Contact: Dr. Ed Mondor, or Ms. Michelle Tremblay,
More information

Mexico- Intensive Spanish

Date: June 18- July 16, 2016 (Term B)
Earn: 6 credit hours: SPAN
Cost: $2,400 (tentative) + tuition & fees +airfare
Contact: Dr. Joe Goldstein,
More information

Trinidad & Tobago- International Studies

Dates: March 10-March 19, 2016 (Requires Spring 2016 term enrollment)
Earn: 3 credit hours: INST
Cost: $1,200 + tuition & fees +airfare
Contact: Dr. Christopher Brown,
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Last updated: 10/9/2017