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Translation and interpretation are professional skills that require years of preparation and training. Although many of our instructors are prepared to translate and interpret, providing these services is not the mission of our Department and should not be arranged through our secretaries. (Nota bene: The Department does occasionally provide pro bono translation for official University business; in this case, a University administrator or his/her representative should contact the department to arrange for service.) Individuals who seek translation or interpretation services are welcome to contact faculty members directly regarding their rates. Here is a contact list of instructors who currently provide professional translation:

ProfileFaculty MemberLanguages Offered
Youssef SalhiArabic to English; English to Arabic
Dr. Zuotang ZhangChinese to English; English to Chinese
Dr. Olga AmarieFrench, Russian, Romanian to English;
English to French, Russian, and Romanian
Dr. Jolyon T. HughesGerman to English; English to German
Dr. Virginie Ems-BléneauFrench to English; English to French
Nanette EisenhartLatin to English; English to Latin
Teresa Buzo SalasEnglish to Spanish
Dr. Dolores RangelEnglish to Spanish
Dr. Jorge W. SuazoSpanish to English; English to Spanish
Dr.Noriko Mori-KolbeJapanese to English; English to Japanese

Last updated: 3/30/2022