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German Student Involvement

Various honors and awards are available to students of German, for example our “German Student of the Year” award (see below), or the AATG (American Association of Teachers of German) state chapter’s “College Student of the Year” award. Many of you would be very good candidates for these. Note that they are not necessarily for majors/minors and/or those with the highest overall GPA etc.; criteria vary, and you might just be eligible. However, often an involvement in related extra-curricular activities (e.g. German Club) is one criterion, and unfortunately the absence of this may keep you from being eligible. It does not take a great effort to be involved, and it may result in rewards.

German Club

The German Club offers opportunities to socialize and practice speaking German outside the classroom. Members participate in a wide range of events such as Stammtisch/Kaffeeklatsch, games, karaoke, kegeln (bowling), poetry readings, watching movies and/or TV shows, and enjoying German food. A schedule of planned events will be posted each semester.

For more information (especially if you wish to become involved!), contact Dr. Andrea Eder, the German Club advisor.

  • List of past presidents
  • Active engagement in German Club is one of the criteria for the Foreign Language Award in German.

Stammtisch or Kaffeeklatsch
Both events are regular get-togethers, open to students and faculty, to facilitate speaking German. Anyone who would like to practice their German is invited. During the semester, it is usually held bi-weekly in the early evening at a location close to campus. Contact us for details.

Bulletin Board
German Club messages, news from Germany etc. are on display on the Bulletin Board located near the departmental library (1303 Forest Drive).

Delta Phi Alpha

DPADelta Phi Alpha is the national German Honor Society; the local chapter is Eta Iota. Membership is by invitation only and is limited to advanced-level students who:


  • have completed one or at least are currently enrolled in an upper-division German class (3000 level or above);
  • have had good grades in German (a GPA of 3.0 in German is recommended) or demonstrate significant ability in German;
  • show a continuing interest in the German language and culture;
  • are generally active and willing to participate in future Delta Phi Alpha and German Club activities (which is open to all students interested in German).

A small one-time fee (paid to the national office) is good for lifetime membership. New members are inducted each Spring Semester and receive a certificate suitable for framing. To find out more about the eligibility requirements, how to become a member, or to sign up see the Delta Phi Alpha advisor, Dr. Catherine Johnson (2088 Interdisciplinary Academic Building), by the end of February if possible (this will allow for enough time to submit membership requests to the national office and receive the certificates back before the initiation ceremony).

Foreign Language Award in German

Every academic year, a deserving student may receive the annual Foreign Language Award in German. The criteria are:

  • An A (90 percent or better) average in German courses.
  • Engagement in German Club.
  • Membership in the German Honors Society.
  • A demonstrated willingness to speak German even outside the classroom.


Other aspects worth knowing include:

  • During most semesters, several students from German-speaking countries are on campus. Often, they attend our German Club events or the campus-wide international lunch hour, and participate in other activities. We try to keep in contact with them.
  • The German faculty hold regular informal meetings; students are invited to make suggestions or requests for consideration to any member at any time.
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Last updated: 3/30/2022