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German Club Presidents

These students have been the chief officer since 1994.

2015-2016Jordan Howard
2014-2015Price Mosely
2013-2014Gerrick Hicks
2012-2012Kim Mathews
2011-2012Kelsey Decker
2010-2011Ashley Fullerton
2009-2009Leah Dailey
2007-2009Jessi Brush
2005-2007Patricia Rhoney
2004-2005Jennifer Fries
2003-2004Yvonne Harper
2002-2003Michelle Saulters
2001-2002Yvonne Harper
2000-2001Angela Ford
1999-2000Jenny McCord
1998-1999John Price
1997-1998Dana Miller
1996-1997Rebecca Mink
1995-1996Kristy Rickards
1994-1995Ronnie Greer

Last updated: 3/30/2022