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Georgia arabic program عربى عربى

Learn Arabic

Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Cultures, Concentration in Arabic Studies

Format: In person at the Statesboro Campus
Credit Hours: 124

In government, in the field, on social media and in the boardroom, the demand for Arabic-speaking professionals is greater than ever.

Get ready to join the more than 300 million Arabic speakers in the world.

You know learning Arabic not only opens up the world for your career, but it’s also crucial to understanding the social, political and economic dynamics in the world all around us. 

Why Learn Arabic at Georgia Southern?

  • Become qualified for high-demand jobs such as an intelligence officer, interpreter, foreign service officer and more
  • Discover career opportunities in government, global/online commerce, international nonprofit organizations and more
  • Study abroad in Morocco!
  • Participate in your own independent study opportunities
  • Enjoy small class sizes that include like-minded students with a passion for Arabic and rich campus life
  • Participate in face-to-face, hybrid and online classes
  • Join the award-winning student Model Arab League which will allow you to develop and practice diplomatic, communication and professional skills
  • Gain a deeper understanding of culture, art, politics, music, literature, religion and history

We offer a Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Cultures with a Concentration in Arabic Studies, or a Minor in Arabic. As the 5th most spoken language in the world and a primary language in over twenty countries, learning Arabic will deliver countless opportunities few others will ever see.

arabic writing on tile

What Can You Do With a Major in Arabic?

Arabic speakers are in high demand in the Western world. If you have achieved fluency or professional working proficiency in Arabic, you will have a leg up in the job market for many different positions such as:

  • Broadcast media manager
  • Consultant
  • Contract or corporate consultant
  • Copy Editor
  • Crypto Language Analyst
  • Development program officer
  • Doctor/nurse
  • Engineer
  • FBI/NSA/CIA agent
  • Foreign service officer
  • Government relations specialist
  • Human intelligence collector
  • Human rights representative
  • Immigration and customs work
  • Intelligence analyst or officer
  • International banking
  • International marketing
  • International relations manager
  • Interpreter
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer or legal assistant
  • Legislator
  • Linguist/Language analyst
  • Military translator or interpreter
  • Museum management
  • National Security Analyst
  • Political risk analyst
  • Professor
  • Public relations
  • Reporter
  • Social media manager
  • Teacher
  • Translator
  • Travel and tourism careers
  • Web development
Madison Stewart

Madison Stewart
Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Modern Languages – Arabic; Bachelor of Arts, International Studies – Security & Diplomacy; Minor in Military Science
Career: Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army in May 2018 and currently attends Flight School at Fort Rucker, AL.

It may seem out of the ordinary that an Arabic language and International Studies major decided to pursue a career in Aviation. While not the most obvious path, it is one that’s opened many doors for me. My foreign language education not only assisted me in getting into Flight School, but it’s connected me to the Aviation community as a whole. People from countries around the world come to Fort Rucker to learn to fly helicopters. I’ve met several international and U.S. Army aviators with similar academic and foreign language backgrounds, trained in school and also by the Army. Their stories and careers serve as a huge inspiration for my own career goals. I am excited for the prospects of continuing my Arabic language education in conjunction with advancing my career as an Army Officer.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates job growth for interpreters and translators will be much faster than average through 2029. –

Arabic is ranked on the Power Language Index as the 5th most important language based on: number of native speakers, economic output of native speakers and the importance of the language in world diplomacy. –

Nine out of ten U.S. employers report a reliance on U.S.-based employees with language skills other than English. –

Arabic Language Curriculum

  • ARAB 1001: Elementary Arabic I
  • ARAB 1002: Elementary Arabic II
  • ARAB 2001: Intermediate Arabic I
  • ARAB 2002: Intermediate Arabic II
  • ARAB 3030: Culture and Conversation
  • ARAB 3030: Feminism & Arab Women
  • ARAB 3030: Advanced Method Writing
  • ARAB 3030: Levantine Dialect I
  • ARAB 3030: Levantine Dialect II
  • ARAB 3030: Levantine DIalect III
  • ARAB 3030: Arabic Translation
  • ARAB 3030: Advanced Arabic Composition
  • ARAB 3030: Moroccan Dialect
  • ARAB 3030: Arabic Popular Culture
  • ARAB 3030: Conversation & Composition

World Languages and Cultures B.A., Concentration in Arabic Studies Curriculum

Already know some Arabic? View the Language Course Placement Guide.

Foreign Language Assessments and Exit Exam Requirements

Minor in Arabic

Having a minor in Arabic will allow you to communicate intra-, inter- and trans-culturally. You’ll be able to adapt to different environments, be more sensitive to diversity and think more critically.

rabat morocco study abroad experience for arabic ba program at georgia southern

Learn Arabic as You Study Abroad in Rabat, Morocco

Morocco is one of the most culturally diverse countries, a location of great historical importance and the home of the famous movie Casablanca. Morocco is an increasingly popular tourist and business destination in North Africa. From the majestic mountains of the Atlas and Rif ranges, to the sun-drenched sands of the Sahara, Atlantic and Mediterranean, Morocco’s natural beauty and cultural richness make it the ideal location to study abroad.

Rabat, Morocco’s capital, offers a combination of modern and traditional and provides a wide range of opportunities for students to experience its culture through art exhibits, music and theater. Throughout the city, you will come across architectural marvels centuries old. You may explore marketplaces established in medieval times and visit museums, palaces and mosques. 

Rabat is an ideal place to learn about the languages, cultures and religions of North Africa and the Arab world. From its towering city walls to its breathtaking Atlantic coastline, the Moroccan capital of Rabat will enchant and inspire you.

Study Abroad Curriculum

  • Six credit hours of lower or upper division courses 
  • A series of assignments, both oral and written
  • As part of your immersion experience, each morning, Monday-Friday, in small groups, you will spend four hours practicing your language skills with native speakers who are trained in teaching their language to foreigners.
Georgia Southern study abroad arabic club program

Arabic Language Clubs, Events and Student Activities

Arabic Language Faculty

Georgia Southern Arabic faculty have many years teaching Modern Standard Arabic as well as various Arabic dialects such as Levantine, Maghrebi and Egyptian. They are genuinely interested in your learning and success, and will provide you with all the tools and support you’ll need during your Georgia Southern learning experience.

Each year, the department of World Languages and Cultures also hosts a Fulbright Teaching Assistant from a different Arab country. These teaching assistants provide amazing opportunities for our students to learn about the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Arab world.

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arabic lecturer Yousseff Salhi

Youssef Salhi
Lecturer of Arabic
Interdisciplinary Academic Building 2071
Phone: 912-478-0254

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