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German: Why?

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Why Study GERMAN? – Five Major Reasons
  1. German is one of the most important languages for communication in the world. It is the native language of about 100 million people and the second language for millions more.
  2. A sound knowledge of German improves your chances on the job market. German companies abroad, foreign companies in Germany, and companies with close business ties to Germany all seek to recruit employees with language skills. Germany is one of the leading exporters in the world, and Germans travel everywhere (think of tourism as an industry). Visit here for more information on careers.
  3. German is a highly important language for science because it gives you access to an enormous body of scientific material in the language. Germany is among the top nations in the research and development of high-tech products.
  4. A knowledge of German broadens your intellectual horizon. Germany is among the most influential countries in the World politically and culturally. Knowing German will make it easier to feel and being connected when visiting German-speaking countries.
  5. By learning German many people can forge a strong bond with their heritage. Millions of Americans claim German ancestry.
Learning German is no harder than learning any other language (even English). You can achieve a useful level of proficiency in a relatively short time. It enhances your education and strengthens your marketability, providing knowledge of another culture. Getting a solid foundation in a language is much better to accomplish during college than “on the job”, and employers value workers with existing language skills (especially when they do not have to allow for time and expense for training). German is an excellent choice.
The Program

The mission of the German Section is to teach German language and culture as expressed in the heritage of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to all interested and enrolled students. Though German might have a reputation as a difficult language to acquire, in truth it really is not more demanding to learn than other languages, as long as one has the desire to do so. It is also fun, rewarding, and useful. The Department employs effective methods of instruction and strives to constantly improve its teaching, thereby keeping courses challenging and stimulating. Foreign language proficiency is stressed, and as much as appropriate, all classes are taught in German, beginning with the first course. Moreover, small classes allow for extensive student participation and enable the continuous reinforcement of the five language competencies of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture. Most importantly, all classes (including the beginning level) are taught by professors to insure a high quality of instruction throughout. Knowledge of German is important for graduate study (reading knowledge of foreign languages is often required, and German definitely comes in very handy), but is also useful in engineering, business and international trade, teaching, government careers, work in the sciences, journalism, communications, and many other fields. In view of multi-cultural, international, and humanistic aspects, a knowledge of German is a tremendous asset. German is an excellent choice! We strongly recommend to every student considering German (and any other foreign language) to start as early as possible to be able to achieve a well-rounded education.

Last updated: 6/30/2021