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Exit Exam

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Read the following information carefully.

Update: Comprehensive Program Review/CPR (a review of the entire department) required yet another adjustment of the B.A. assessment plan, which is reflected in the updated description below. It is effective as of 2019 Fall. Faculty are aware that this is new and that there may be complications, but this shall not be to your disadvantage. (The adjustment is actually limited as the previous and new SLO 2 are somewhat similar). Full phase-in is expected to take several semesters; bear with us during implementation.

What is it?

The Exit Exam (“EE”) is part of the departmental Program Assessment. It helps us–and you–determine if and to what extent program objectives and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) have been achieved.

Who takes it?

The exam is a graduation requirement for Undergraduate majors (B.A. MDLG with a concentration in one or more of the following languages: Arabic/ARAB, Chinese/CHIN, French/FREN, German/GRMN, Japanese/JAPN, Latin/LATN, Spanish/SPAN). It is not required for Graduate students, who take a “Comprehensive Exam”; for info see the respective sections in the M.A./M.A.T Spanish Handbook

When and Where?

Date Spring 2020: February 28, 2020, 2:30pm – 5:00pm

  • Armstrong Campus: Language Resource Center
  • Statesboro Campus: IT Building 3302

How is it done?

Your advisor will enroll you in the 0-credit-hour course “Foreign Language Exit Exam” FORL 5500 (B.A. MDLG undergraduate majors). The exam components will be administered in this course through Folio on the day of the exam. The purpose of this Folio course is simply to register, and to administer the exam; consider this page its syllabus and schedule. You will receive a score for the exam and a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory course grade that will show on your transcript, but will not count for or against your hours, or GPA. A passing result is not required for graduation. If you complete the exam successfully, you will receive a certificate. (Here is how the result is determined for the B.A.).

What does it look like?

Follow the links to read about each component and what to expect, and to know how to prepare. Links are to DOCs or PDFs (and open in new windows/tabs).

The B.A. MDLG Exit Exam features two components (measures): a Speaking Proficiency Assessment (SPA) for SLO 1 Speaking and a Writing Proficiency Assessment (WPA) for SLO 2 Writing.

Can I get more information?

If you have questions, contact Ms. Helena Hernández, the Exit Exam Coordinator.

Last updated: 5/21/2021