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Language Assessment

The following are the department’s assessment activities. They are based on mandates by various offices (the University System of Georgia, the University, or the College). Assessments help those offices, us, as well as students to determine how, if, and to what extent course and program objectives and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) have been achieved. Read the information that applies to your course(s) or program carefully. The department sincerely appreciates your conscientious participation.

FL 2001, 2002

FL 2001, 2002 Core Area B Exam

This will be administered in all WL 2001, and 2002 classes. It is due to a Core assessment requirement and assess Area B, where all those course are. This is the Core Curriculum Learning Outcome for Area B: “Students will recognize and articulate global perspectives across diverse societies in historical and cultural contexts.”

  • The format is the same for all courses, however, the content is language specific.
  • Results will be reported in aggregate, numbers only; no personally identifiable information will be included. (However, if you wish to know your individual result, see your instructor.)

FL 2002 Progress Assessment

All students in FL 2002 (all languages, all delivery modes) will take a Program Assessment. This provides data for the Comprehensive Program Review (CPR), an assessment of the department’s effectiveness over time. We look at the aggregate scores and use the information to help guide our decisions about the future of the program. Your participation will help us tremendously, which is why your honest efforts in completing the assignments are important to us. Performance on the FL 2002 PA will not adversely impact the grade, graduation, etc., but students are encouraged to do their best and to use it as an opportunity to practice for final exams, essays, etc. without the pressure of a grade. Your instructors may give credit for participation.

  • Students will take the FL 2002 PA in Folio during week 13 of the semester. All FL 2002 students will be enrolled in their corresponding course (there will be one course for French, German, and Spanish and another for Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese [the difference is solely due to the writing systems used]). They will receive an email invitation to participate.
  • All students in all languages take the same exam (format, questions). The FL 2002 PA consists of two questions for SLO 1 (Speaking) and one essay topic for SLO 2 (Writing). These attempt to elicit what most students in any language should be able to address in FL 2002. All exam prompts for both SLOs will be in writing and in English (however, students will record their answers to the speaking prompts in the target language). Here are the corresponding Ratings Rubrics used for evaluation.
  • Results will be reported in aggregate, numbers only; no personally identifiable information will be included. (However, if you wish to know your individual result, see the PA coordinator.)

Undergraduate, B.A. MDLG (Major) – Exit Exam

The Exit Exam (“EE”) is a graduation requirement for undergraduate majors (B.A. MDLG with a concentration in one or more of the following languages: Arabic/ARAB, Chinese/CHIN, French/FREN, German/GRMN, Japanese/JAPN, Latin/LATN, Spanish/SPAN). It is a part of the B.A. degree assessment.

  • Time and place are: Spring 2022: February 25, 2:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.
    • Online, via Zoom
  • Your advisor will enroll you in the 0-credit-hour course “World Languages and Culture Exit Exam” FORL 5500 (B.A. MDLG undergraduate majors). The exam components will be administered in this course through Folio on the day of the exam. The purpose of this Folio course is simply to register, and to administer the exam; consider this page its syllabus and schedule. You will receive a score for the exam and a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory course grade that will show on your transcript, but it will not count for or against your hours, or your GPA. A passing result is not required for graduation.
  • Follow the links to read about each component and what to expect, and to know how to prepare. Links are to DOCs or PDFs (and open in new windows/tabs). The B.A. MDLG Exit Exam features two components (measures): a Speaking Proficiency Assessment (SPA) for SLO 1 Speaking and a Writing Proficiency Assessment (WPA) for SLO 2 Writing. Here are the corresponding Ratings Rubrics used for evaluation.
  • If you have questions, contact Mr. Mauricio Peña Sánchez, the Exit Exam Coordinator.

Graduate, M.A. (M.A.T.) – Comprehensive Exam

Graduate students take a “Comprehensive Exam”; for info see the respective sections in the M.A./M.A.T Spanish Handbook. This applies to the M.A. Spanish, but also to the M.A.T. Spanish Ed. The latter is assessed through the College of Education but since Spanish is part of the degree FL is involved.

Student Learning Outcomes

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