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David Seaman assumes editorship

Applause to Dr. David Seaman, Professor Emeritus of French, whose scholarly activity remains healthy and abundant. He recently assumed the position of English language editor of the newsletter for the website for Lettrisme and Maurice Lemaître, where his responsibilities are to translate the French text into English, edit for accuracy, and make sure the English version contains information to help English readers understand the movement. His activities can be accessed here <>.

Here is a sample entry:

Maurice Lemaître Show at the Film Gallery, Paris
Titled “Imaginary Films,” this show at the Film Gallery will afford a chance to re-examine some of the signature works by Lemaître at the intersection of film, installation, and photography. The hope is that since Lemaître is no longer answering the phone as in the poster, new generations of admirers exposed to these classic works will pick up where Lemaître left off.

December 5 to January 10, “Maurice Lemaître, Films Imaginaires”, The Film Gallery


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