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Students present at SECCLL

On March 26-27, nine Georgia Southern undergraduate students of French traveled to Savannah to present their scholarship at the Southeast Coastal Conference on Languages and Literatures (SECCLL). Dr. David Seaman, the students’ professor, organized and chaired two undergraduate panels on 21st-century French literature. The students from the Thursday panel (top picture, left to right) were Kelly McGahee, Ana Gonzalez, Alexa Arroyave, and Andrew Boatright. The Friday panel included (bottom picture, left to right) Rachel Paule, Pearson Gardner, Phillip “PJ” Sheffield, Chrystal Messam, and Nina Becton. The students engaged difficult material with verve and insight and made well-designed presentations. We can all be proud of their and their mentor’s accomplishment.

SECCLL Thursday Panel

SECCLL panel


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