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Honors in History

Considering the Honors Program in History? What is involved?

  • Honors allows you to pursue an independent research project (a thesis) on a subject of your choice.
  • You can work with any faculty member in the Department from either campus.
  • Typically, students have 15 to 18 months in which to complete the thesis from inception to completion.
  • You become part of a small cross-campus cohort of History students all working on research projects of their own.

As the profiles of our alumni below suggest, a rigorous Honors program hones research and writing skills and prepares you well for a range of careers and opportunities. At a Departmental and institutional level, enrollment in the Honors program ensures you are also well placed for scholarship and award opportunities at Georgia Southern. Our graduates have been very successful in graduate programs, law school, the military, and a variety of careers that require analytical and research skills

To graduate with Honors in History, a student must be admitted to the Honors College and successfully complete:

HIST 2630 with a grade of B or higher;

HIST 3630H with a grade of B or higher

HONS 4999 for one credit hour*

HONS 4999 for two credit hours in separate semester with the same* faculty mentor as the first semester of HONS 4999;

Successfully complete and present an Honors Thesis or Capstone Project & be in good standing in the Honors College at the time of graduation.

*Taking the entire three credit-hour sequence of HONS 4999 with a faculty mentor substitutes for the HIST 4635 Senior Seminar required for History Majors.

Interested in the Honors Program in History? Contact  Dr. Felicity Turner

Applying to the Honors College

Interested in examples of what you can do after completing the Honors Program in History? Check out some some of our recent graduates:

Robert (Bobby) Carpenter, 2021: MA Program in History, University of Georgia
“Being in the Honors Program at Georgia Southern gave me access to academic resources and opportunities that helped me make the most of my studies. The Honors Program also helped me communicate with faculty and create course schedules that were both enjoyable and extremely beneficial. I believe that I would not have been able to progress as far as I have without participating in the Honors Program, and I am very grateful for their support.”

Cassandra Hankin, 2020: Oral History Transcriber and Collection Migration Specialist, Cuba Family Archives at the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum, Atlanta, GA
“The Honors program at Georgia Southern gave me the skills to thrive in my new Master’s courses and provided me with opportunities and network connections that really set me up for success in the professional world.”

Savannah Savage-Johnson, 2020: Scholarship Recipient, New England School of Law, Boston, MA
“The Georgia Southern Honors program helped prepare me in a number of ways. I think the most important thing is that I learned to read critically and efficiently, which is a necessary skill when reviewing and briefing cases.”

Alyssa Windsor, 2019: Archival & Digital Services Coordinator, Rollins College, Orlando, FL.
“The Honors Program at Georgia Southern allowed me to travel for conferences to present my research and make professional connections as an undergraduate. Having that networking experience helped me to stand out more in interview processes, and it particularly impressed my current employers.”

Jessica Forsee, 2019: Air Force historian at HQ Air Force Special Operations Command 
“I apply the same critical research skills I developed through my undergraduate research to complex topics that require in depth source analysis and holistic interpretation…Having a productive and supportive cohort of honors students was fundamental to finishing my thesis. The same is true with my career. My job is highly collaborative and I’m constantly helping other historians conduct their research; they do the same for me.”

Calvin Cotton, 2016: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Electronic Warfare Officer, EA-18G
“My participation in the Honors Program provided me with the ability to communicate my intentions thoroughly and precisely and taught me research and leadership skills that help me be an effective officer in the military.”

William Dallas Wilson, 2016: Teaching Pastor and Director of Discipleship, First Baptist Simpsonville, SC
“Quite simply, the Honors Program prepared me to succeed in my role as a Bible teacher. Moreover, the Honors Program sparked a love for education and research which led me to pursue a Master of Divinity and now begin working toward my doctorate.” 

Last updated: 3/30/2022