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Georgia Southern University offers financial aid programs to meet the needs of its students who demonstrate financial need and/or academic and creative achievements. With the HOPE scholarship program, Georgia resident students are supported by state funding for good grades. Undergraduate students interested in scholarships and financial aid should visit the Financial Aid website.

History majors are eligible for various scholarships and honors awarded by the Department and the University. Criteria for receiving these competitive awards reflect the stipulations of the scholarship/award donors and the student’s academic achievement.

All applications are reviewed by Department faculty who are members of the department’s Scholarships Committee. Selections will be made early in the Spring semester of each year.

Scholarships are applied toward each recipient’s tuition and fees during the following academic year. Students who receive the scholarships must have at least one academic year following the beginning of the next fiscal term (July 1 – June 30) remaining before graduation.

List of Available Departmental scholarships

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Scholarship Application Instructions

Scholarship Application Deadline: February 1, 2023

Log into your and click on the “MyScholarships” link located in the “Financial Resources” box.

Follow the guidelines for each scholarship. Not all scholarships are the same.

Each application must include the names of two history faculty members who are familiar with your work and willing to write recommendations for you.

The strongest application packets will also include evidence of scholarly research, i.e., a research paper. Please submit your best work. Include the name of the history course in which you prepared this paper and the name of the professor. Your work will be judged against the work of other applicants.

Receiving a scholarship is an honor.  Your applications should reflect the excellence of your work and the diligence you invest in your academics. Your intent is to allow the History Scholarships Committee to know the reasons that you are deserving of this honor.

Click here for more information on Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship

The Department of History also offers graduate assistantships with a competitive stipend for the regular academic year. For more information, visit the College of Graduate Studies or contact Dr. Alan Downs (

For information about University scholarships, please go to:

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