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The History Lab



The History Lab at Georgia Southern is an experimental space for developing projects and installations related to historical research, which recognize the challenges of understanding and valuing history and historical methods in the digital age. The goal of the lab is to open the traditional classroom to the kinds of effects achieved in creative and cross-media knowledge spaces and to develop a model that can be replicated on a small scale with limited funding.

Projects like True/False: The Indigo Garden, The Waddie Welcome Archive, and Open Sea: Reflections from a Port City are currently being incubated in the lab.  Student and faculty projects using WordPress blogging, Wiki sites, Google Maps and other widely available and public domain software applications are also facilitated and hosted through the lab.

The lab is also collecting of video recordings of interviews with local public artists and historians.  These interviews are archived through streaming video to build up a database of localized practices of public history.

The Department of History is proud to acknowledge support for the History Lab from:

Last updated: 7/28/2022